Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PS4 Box Art Revealed in a Pre-Order Listing

Amazon's pre-order listing for upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare reveal the game's PlayStation 4 box art.

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Muffins12231566d ago

The gold font sticks out to much,would look nicer if silver

Agent_hitman1566d ago

At first I thought that this is the sequel to Modern Warfare series because of the word Warfare.. And I admit that I was impressed by the trailer..

shivvy241566d ago

Same, havent bought cod since mw2 and this trailer was damn awesome too

Matt6661566d ago

I wonder how many people are going to continue supporting the copy and paste effort and while people keep supporting it, the COD developers won't learn so nothing will get changed and it just going to continue like that every year

marlinfan101566d ago

hows this copy and paste? it looks different from any cod before. what exactly are they supposed to do, make a completely different game and keep the name? its still the same game at the end of the day, just a newer version. obviously its gonna look somewhat similar. thats like saying any KZ, AC, or any game that has a sequel is just copy and paste and shouldn't be supported. if you don't like duty, don't buy it, some of us still enjoy it.

Matt6661565d ago

Watch the BO2 trailer then watch the advanced warfare trailer and look how similar they are

it going have the same problems as the other COD's which are the following:

Very poor hit detection,
over the top aim-assist,
quick scoping,
the knife being the most powerful weapon on the game,
small boring maps,
6V6 game modes,
no tanks, (they where in WAW so why not anymore),
stupid perks like commando, unlimited sprint etc,
80% of the weapons would of been in previous COD's (time for some new weapons or least more variety),
Still not being able to see your body or legs when looking down (you could see your legs in the first Halo)

but if you want to support the copy and paste effort then you got no right to complain

marlinfan101565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

the only things id really say id agree with is the aim assist and quick scoping. you could be running, not see the person, but your gun will still assist you towards the guy. I've never understood why they do that. the quick scoping speaks for itself, its just dumb. ive never found the knife to be overpowering or anything since you've got to be face to face to use it, its easy to defend against someone. just about every fps uses a one hit melee these days. i like 6v6, i don't think they should change it. they have the big team ones which are 8v8. me and my buddies play team tac more than anything which is 4v4.

it all really comes down to what you want though, I'm not going to say your wrong for stating your opinion

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1565d ago

That box are looks sick, but the guy looks too much like Soap.