Rumor: Sony and From Software working on "Project Beast"

While "leaks" from 4chan are generally frowned upon, a new one stemming from the community appears to have outed a new title from Japan.

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AnotherProGamer1542d ago

Looks awesome, is that a shotgun in his hand?

Nitrowolf21542d ago

Looks like a dark/demon souls, but the same usage of the character model throughout the image to me tells me it'll be something other. Least centered around a character this time

Webbyy1542d ago

Yup it looks good.. reminds me of the dark souls atmosphere

AngelicIceDiamond1542d ago

Yeah it looks like a third person action. Demon souls inspired.

I was hoping for a ninja stealth action game. I hope Sony shows off such a title.

Other than that this game looks great hope to see more at E3.

NewMonday1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

character looks like Solomon Kane

I hope it's an accessible game, Dark Souls is a good game for it's fanbase but hope the new game goes in a different direction, something closer to a western RPG like the Witcher and Dragon Age

ZodTheRipper1542d ago

I don't care what it is, just LET IT BE TRUE. My guess is that this is a Demon's Souls type of game in a more realistic world with similar core mechanics ...maybe Demon's Souls 2, maybe something else - but thinking about it makes my pants tight.

frostypants1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

A true Demon's Souls sequel, maybe, but with greatly expanded mechanics? I'd love that. I liked the Dark Souls games but I'm a bit burnt out on them. A Demon's Souls sequel with a whole new spin on things would be awesome...or at least a game that has similar atmosphere to Demon's Souls (which was, ironically, a lot darker and more twisted/nightmarish than the Dark Souls games).

mattdillahunty1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

i'm a massive fan of Demon's Souls, and i loved Dark Souls 1 as well. with that said, though, i'm not the least bit excited about this. why? because it looks like yet another Souls game, but with tweaks. i get that they're good at making Souls games and they have a formula going, but the formula has already worn out on me. i want to see them take things in a new direction and show that they can make different game instead of the same game three times in a row with subtle differences that don't ultimately change the formula.

if this is basically the same feel, atmosphere, art style, level design, etc, as the previous Souls games, then i'll pass. and those screenshots make it seem like it's going to be.

i hope they prove me wrong, though. From Software are obviously great game designers, i just want to see them step outside their comfort zone.

morganfell1542d ago

Over at Gaf, insider DemonNite was setting us up for months:

ZodTheRipper1542d ago

Yep, it fits right between all the rumors from the last few months. I think this is real as f*** and I can't wait for the E3 reveal =)

Name: Beast Soul's (Remember "Project Dark" which turned out to be Dark Soul's?)
Release: Late 2015 / Early 2016
Genre: (Character) Action RPG
Hype: Over 9000!

ChronoJoe1542d ago

If anything I would argue it confirms it as a 'Souls' series game. They usually employ the same character repeatedly in the trailers and initial gameplay videos, and often focus on one specific model for the box art and such.

If it were a singular character driven game, they would likely show his face in the screenshots and trailers rather than hide it, as it offers character to the game as a whole to do so.

For instance Witcher has a set character, so they advertise it with his face present all the time. Dark Souls and Skyrim do not have set characters, so they advertise it with consistent armour sets rather than a wide variety. Perhaps one reason is to establish some form of consistent brand identity, either way this definitely looks like a Souls game, even down to the fog.

Some of the enemies are also just recycled models from Dark Souls 2, the dogs in particular.

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Lionalliance1542d ago

yep! the old kind of shotgun.

Magicite1542d ago

More Playstation exclusives is never too many.

JoGam1542d ago

But but but, PS4 only have Indies. This can't be right. s/

andibandit1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

So then pop down to the store and buy them /s

Thats what people are complaining about... and im not being console specific

styferion1542d ago

A demon's soul gameplay with modern weaponry.. damn, this is too good to be true

Number-Nine1542d ago

Demon's Souls 2? That fog gate looks Demon's Soulish.

ZodTheRipper1542d ago

Probably not directly Demon's Souls 2
but rather a spinoff involving "Beasts" :)
Which would be great in my opinion, this way they can keep the core mechanics everybody loves while not being bound to previous design choices.

imt5581542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Very likely spiritual successor from Demon's Souls ( better than Dark 1 and 2 IMO ).


OmegaShen1541d ago

The one that sits as a dream, a dream of dying in a new world.

Sevir1542d ago

But wasn't From Software just purchased by another Dev that doesn't do exclusives?

silvacrest1542d ago

perhaps this game was in development long before that purchase? if si i would assume project beast would continue regardless

MrSwankSinatra1542d ago

from software can still work with other companies, it's just that it'll be along with kadokawa games, rather than just from software alone

Lightning Mr Bubbles1542d ago

Looks like a another Demon Souls type game. Shotgun in his hand? Could be anything, can't really make it out. But I'm pretty excited cause the Demon/Dark Souls games have become pretty darn good.

Seraphim1541d ago

AngelicIceDiamond - yeah I wouldn't mind seeing Tenchu reborn. From Software has some great games under their belt over the years. Tons of great options on the PS but Tenchu was easily one of my faves. Stealth Action/Ninja at it's finest.

Looks pretty solid. Definitely interested in seeing more about this one.

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Bgibbs1542d ago

Hopefully it's a new Souls game for the PS4. Probably based off Demon's Souls since Sony owns that IP

Dark111542d ago

It looks more like a new IP than a souls game

Bgibbs1542d ago

I'd take either one. Only suspected a new Souls game because of the rumors that came out a few months ago.

ZodTheRipper1542d ago

^Same here but you have to remember that Demon's Souls 2 was confirmed & funnily also denied by a few sources so this might be "that" game people were talking about.
I would prefer a Demon's Souls 2 because I know they couldn't go wrong with that but I'd be happy about everything that comes out of that collaboration.

GribbleGrunger1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Are you sure?

That's definitely the same IP

nypifisel1542d ago

That fog gate really says otherwise. It's probably in the souls universe, looks mint though. Sony already won E3? lol

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Dark111542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

I hope it's a fully new IP and not related to the souls series.

Edit: the screens looks great , i hope it's true!

bleedsoe9mm1542d ago

a new ip with the souls philosophy maybe scifi would be rad

Veneno1542d ago

It looks like a world of supernatural creatures and your character is a "hunter" of sorts. So we'll see things like zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, etc.

maybe its an MMO? Seperate from the Souls series?