Still Playing: Titanfall – Why endlessly rewarding players is not endlessly rewarding

Edge- Shooters are the ultimate videogame power fantasy: a man and a gun fighting through a string of life-or-death encounters with the heart-in-mouth tension of war but none of the risk. Yet the online FPS’s sparse traditional framework – a winner, a loser and a scoreboard – naturally limits its own longevity. The object of the game never changes, its systems stay fixed in place, and you’re as powerful when you set foot on the battlefield as when you leave it. The thrill wears off.

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XBOTTOX1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Reading this article, he makes a good point but IMO i have to disagree. I think what makes Titanfall so fun, especially after regen(ing) a couple of times is that you can cause mayhem in any way you choose and there is always new players so you know theres new blood out. Its not so much about lucky killstreaks but more so your skills on the sticks. How creative can you get within the gameplay? How can you outmanuever or outsmart your opponent and leave them in pieces? TitanFall is a VIDEOGAME in the very sense of the word. A visual and audible experience with layers and layers of strategy

bohemian 231481d ago

It's. 7/10 game but it's just different enough to keep me playing. I'm personally having a good time with the game.

PeaSFor1481d ago

lost pretty much all interest in it after getting to gen2 lvl30, i had a couples hours out of it but im still butthurt for spending 59$ for it on origin, i shouldve waiting for it to drop near 39$, sadly i we cant trade pc games so im stuck with it foreverr.

joab7771481d ago the end, come November, CoD will be back on top again?

Wow!! Its the idea of life imitating art imitating life. Do ppl simply love formulas like CoD and WoW more than every other or is it that these games created in us the formula?

Whatever the case, I think that games that reward hard work and highlight the best or most skilled will always reign supreme in the end.

shmeedy246851481d ago

Got bored of Titanfall after two weeks. Waiting for Watch Dogs and then Destiny and probably will have a few other games on my radar.

r3f1cul1481d ago

pretty much the same for me... i got to a point where i found myself getting bored of cod with mechs... i mean titanfall and looked at my time played to only find i had put in 2 days... felt like an eternity... which isnt a good sign..

InTheLab1481d ago

Yeah. Game needs a few gun in gun modes with no titans or grunts. Could also use about 5 weapon types of each class for those modes.

Probably gonna trade it in.

Dirkster_Dude1481d ago

So the skilled players will still be better, but not so much better because there equipment and everything else makes them a God as opposed to merely a veteran. I think that is preferable to being so far outclassed by someone whom can pull off a Nuke or AC-130 anytime they want with there ridiculous 30 to 1 kill ratios. Call of Duty has only become a game where a veteran can truly advance. Everyone else is left out in the cold.

ShowGun9011481d ago

i dunno, ive only got a 1.5 k/d on ghosts, and i have a lot of fun with it. every once in a while i'll get something impressive (over 10 killstreak!), but not often, maybe once a day. I think theres still plenty of room for us slightly above/below average players!

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