[ABG] Freedom Planet - Sonic Style Gameplay Turned Up To 11

Freedom Planet is a fast paced retro platformer inspired by Megaman, Gunstar Heroes and (most notably) Sonic. Run, smash and fight your way through huge levels battling a variety of enemies, mini bosses and Bosses, as well as taking part in some action-packed set pieces.

Gameplay is very similar to the classic Sonic games, in-fact if one of the 3 female characters was swapped out with the blue spikey rodent, this could easily be a return to form. The Alpha Demo gives you access to 2 playable characters, one huge level full of secrets, multiple routes and bosses, and a time-attack based Dojo. It has all the hallmarks of a great Sonic game, speed, style, energy and fun, but cranks them all up to 11. Play the original Sonic games after this and they’ll feel a little pedestrian.

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