Top 10 Game Boy games (Original and Color)

GotGame: To commemorate the Gameboy’s silver anniversary, GotGame has requested that I comb through the decades’ worth of software attributed to the platform in an effort to identify its ten best games.

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JMPetrequin1540d ago

Not sure I agree on Super Mario Land. 2 was great, but 1 always just felt really ugly and bland to me.

Ramon3MR1540d ago

I don't think it holds up too well. I would've added Mega Man 2.

Geobros1540d ago

One of the best top 10 I have never seen.....great choices!!!

hiredhelp1540d ago

No1 had to be Tetris man i sunk hundreds hours into that game
No 2 mario yeh compared to other marios later in time it was blan but sure was fun addictive.

On another note i had first gameboy with light magnifier and batt charger, i then bought gameboy advance,then had Gameboy SP tbh the gameboy SP Rocked.

Goro1540d ago

Where's Pokemon Crystal? That was the best GB Pokemon game in my opinion.