Koei Tecmo Registers Xtreme Beach Volleyball - Expect 1080p Boobs

There's one thing everybody thinks when they see Dead or Alive or one of its beach-based spin-offs for the first time - man, this would be so much better at a higher resolution. Koei Tecmo appear to be on the edge of announcing a new Volleyball title and have registered the name Xtreme Beach Volleyball in Japan, probably for new-gen machines.

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nope1111483d ago

1080p in 60fps? fapfapfapfap

sonypsnow1482d ago

Xtreme Beach Volleyball with the Power of the Cloud & DX12!

TenSteps1482d ago

I wonder if this will just be an upscaled rehash or if they'll take advantage of the this generation's hardware and focus on what's really important... Jiggle physics.

Bhuahahaha1482d ago

did you say tits 1

MNGamer-N1482d ago

I'm an ass man, but I'll take some tig bitties too

LakerGamerEnthusiast1482d ago

That "Expect 1080p boobs" clinch is likely going to play a big role in how hot this gets. lol.

I know it played a role on me clicking on the article ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.