Disney and Marvel talk about Disney Infinity 2.0, toy designs, and the Hulk’s awesomeness

GamesBeat: Executives from both Marvel and Avalanche Software tell us what it was like to finally bring some famous comic book icons to the game.

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Tolkoto1602d ago

I do like how all the character's have a uniform art design.

ColManischewitz1602d ago

Let me know when Disney brings Star Wars into Infinity.

midnightambler1602d ago

Am I the only one who's wondering why The Hulk is in a Disney game? Seems bizarre to me.

legionsoup1602d ago

Disney bought Marvel and Star Wars. So they can put those characters in whatever games they want, now.

midnightambler1602d ago

Wow. I knew they had bought the Star Wars license, but I totally missed the Marvel thing. That's crazy.

waltyftm1602d ago

That Hulk design is very cool imo, i will definitely pick up a figure.