Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Is it ok to be excited?

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"Over the years, I would say since the first Modern Warfare title in particular, Call of Duty has become extremely popular with millions of gamers playing multiplayer everyday and competitions having up to a £400,000 prize pot. Just thinking about that makes me think of quitting this and just playing CoD till I’m the best. But that aside, it has also come under fire on more than one accession and gained a reputation of being a bit samey from game to game. They have certainly tried to introduce new features as the games go on, but nothing quite hit home since the modern reboot or maybe the first zombies mode. With games such as Titanfall breathing down CoD’s neck, taking away some much valued market share, they had to do something new to draw us back. So is this trailer good enough to get us pumped?"

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porkChop1541d ago

Yes it is ok to be excited, because the game looks awesome and fresh I think.

Summons751539d ago

Sure it's okay to be excited...but you will disappointed by setting your expectations high. Call of Duty doesn't change, it hasn't since COD4 and it won't until Activision cancels it or actually allows money to be placed into good developers to make a brand new engine and well balanced gameplay and level design.

The stoners and 5 year olds who play the game year after year have no concept of even the basic of game design so they will never know they are being completely ripped off. Half of them don't even play other games.

OrangePowerz1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

The graphics in the trailer look fine.

Did it ever occur to you that people buy sequels because they want a similar experience to what they got with the previous game? I sure as hell didn't buy Dark Souls 2 or BF4 because I wanted a different experience to the previous games and I sure as well won't buy the new Mirror's Edge for exactly that reason.

It's also interesting that you see from a trailer that it is unbalanced, not good developers and that it has bad level design.

As for balancing the one CoD that was really badly unbalanced was MW2, after that they got them more balanced.

Summons751539d ago

While its true sequels should be similar there should be enough NEW things to BALANCE it out and make it fresh.

Cod world at war through ghost have ALL Suffered from poor level design, horrible balance, and a broken online making cheaters very prominent. If you can't learn from history the same mistakes will happen. They don't improve the game to make it fresh and its just a dull boring game. They've been caught reusing character models, entire "brand new" levels (and not the throw back maps they make occasionally) and entire cut scenes for the story.

Cod fanboys are the biggest victims and are delusional to believe the game actually changes every year.

nope1111539d ago

Kevin Spacey is in the new CoD.

Suddenly, everybody is interested.

n4gamingm1539d ago

It has nothing to do with Kevin spacey, it gots to do with the graphics and the new tech they showed in the trailer.

naiyo1539d ago

The graphics doesn't really look that much different to me.

GamingTruth1539d ago

the cod trolls are already here, well nevermind the article itself is trolling trying to bring cod haters here to bash it the same way they have since nearly a decade now

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