Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories Nine-Minute Trailer

Bandai Namco has released a new nine-minute trailer for Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories, due out for PlayStation 3 in Japan on May 29.

The trailer introduces the game’s VR Mission and Story Modes, Missing Link chapter, and new systems. Additionally, from 6:40, you’ll hear Missing Link‘s theme song “Lost Area” by Akino Arai.

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DemonChicken1565d ago

do want! Looks epic, shame we never get these games localised =_=

miyamoto1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

One Piece, Jojo Bizarre, Saint Seiya, Dark Souls were localized though. I hope this game of awesomeness gets the Western localization.

I have played all the past Side Stories and they have superb stories and game play. Now that they made the game play even better!

DemonChicken1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Those are good games, some of the DBZ, Naruto and Bleach games are good.

But that not enough lol, there are many other good games that never get western treatment. To name some major ones,

-Gundam games like these (not those dynasty type ones)
-Macross games (e.g. recent macross 30 - similar to psp game with rpg elements -
-Super robot wars games
-Another century episode games, so awesome -

Inception1564d ago

SRW are impossible to localize. Too much licensed to pay. There's tons of mecha from different company and characters with their own voices. The market for SRPG also very niche in the west. I don't think Bamco will take any big risk to localize SRW.

For Macross 30, it's almost the same case with SRW. In that game, there's tons of characters and music from the 1st and the latest Macross.

DemonChicken1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Unfortunately undeniable truth =(

Although I loved to see SRW OG since it's original, loved the GBA games. Macross would be a hit due to robotech but because of the douches called harmony gold, we will never see light of any more macross unless it's crappy robotech original story crap.