Warhorse: Kingdom Come: Deliverance Isn't Truly Smaller Than Oblivion Or Skyrim

A few more details from Warhorse on Kingdom Come: Deliverance, with a scientific approach to show that the game isn't smaller than Oblivion or Skyrim, despite the difference in numbers.

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TheUltimateGamer1479d ago

Hmmm.. This is a game I haven't seen a ton on. It's shaping up to look really nice. Looking forward to more info.

kaiserfranz1479d ago

It's really shaping up to be a unique kind of game. It is purely medieval and has a realistic kind of approach, unlike most fantasy RPGs.

micx1479d ago

Looking good, hopefully they'll add the "Ironman" mod.

kaiserfranz1479d ago

Yeah, that would be great indeed!

Festano1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Compared to other games the world is not very big, but if they are developed as they described them are not too bad.

mogwaii1479d ago

This game looks great, im interested to see how it pans out.