Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare - The titan returns to dominate the battlefield

VideoGamer: "Sledgehammer’s trailer for this year's Call of Duty has whet our appetites, and in a world filled with Titans falling and Battlefields, the world's biggest franchise is preparing to step up."

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Speak_da_Truth1605d ago

It really should be called call of duty rehashed warfare cus it probably will be the same ol call of duty

Negative771605d ago

Great comment so glad you spoke up. Thanks we can rest easy now.

venom061605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

what a STUPID article title from an obvious CoD fanboy site... they dont even know anything about this CoD.. lets not forget about the overhyped, and low delivering CoD Ghost...

Thatguy-3101605d ago

This has a lot of potential. Let's see how it goes down. I'm skeptical but most likely it will be just like any other COD title. My excitement comes from curiosity on how they will deal with the story.

OrangePowerz1605d ago

You mean like BF4 is like the other BF games before it?

JoseV761605d ago

True that, not falling for there Bs, didn't buy ghost def not buying this shit!!

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Palitera1605d ago

Sounds like PR and friendly marketing to me.

Ain't it exactly the same BS we heard for the last 5 years?

n4rc1605d ago


How many damn times can they say the same thing and fail to deliver?

Its always the same crap.. Oh treyarch sucks, wait for the iw game.. No treyarch is better.. Oh nope, it sucked because sledgehammer did it.. Sledgehammer is going to save cod!!

Blah blah blah... Lol

No plans on ever buying a cod again.. Let them prove me wrong and deliver on their promises and I'll get back on board.. No faith left..

OrangePowerz1605d ago

There seem to be a lot more positive comments online compared to the last few CoDs.

Also I and many others enjoyed black ops 1 and 2.

n4rc1605d ago

My beef with the series started with bo. The feeling of randomness or "lag comp" as it began to be known..

Still bought them all besides ghosts.. Had too many other options that cod wasn't needed..

I can get my 60fps shooter fix with better titles.. But if they come back with a solid game, I'd have no issue buying it

I don't hold grudges.. Just won't buy a cod on promises anymore.. I'll wait for release and see how it goes

skydragoonity1605d ago

I'm sure call of duty advanced warfare will just be like..... call of duty

LightofDarkness1605d ago

Yes, it was gone so long I wondered if it would ever return.

candy_mafia1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Some people have commented it's the same old tired game engine. Aw well, 10 year old engine or not?

Visually at least, COD - Advanced Warfare makes a mockery of Titanfall IMO.

...and I like TF, just sayin' ;)

ShowGun9011605d ago

its just cool to hate on COD, but not madden, fifa, tiger woods, killzone, battlefield, halo, gears of war, god of war, uncharted, assassins creed, etc...

All these games pretty much do the same thing COD does. all of these games are VERY similar to their sequels, minus the graphical upgrades. if they changed too much, they'd tick off their core fanbase. you dont really want a winning formula to change too much. Also, there are alot more people enjoying their copies of COD right now than there are people complaining about it online...

probly just sour grapes cause all their friends are playing ghosts! LOL!

(Im a PS4 ghosts player who enjoys it, while still recognizing its faults!)

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