Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Trailer Analysis Video

A video which takes a closer look at the recently released Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Trailer from Activision/Sledgehammer Games.

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borgome1540d ago

This game is going to be ridiculous!
Day one purchase for me and all of my fellow cod brothers!

Thatguy-3101540d ago

The trailer does pack a punch. I'm still shock on how good the set pieces look. Crossing fingers that the story will be taken serious and will offer a hell of a ride.

Summons751540d ago

I saw zero gameplay. Trailer can be flashy all It wants to be but unless they actually improve the gameplay this means nothing.

Xsilver1540d ago

let it be Known I'm only buying this game for Kevin Spacey :D now all i need is a game with Bryan Cranston as a Character and ill be good.