Can Call of Duty be reinvigorated in 2014?

Activision is preparing to reveal details behind the latest entry from the Call of Duty franchise and Adnan Riaz explores whether or not the series will recover in 2014.

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aquamala1481d ago

recover? Ghosts is the best selling game on PS4 and XB1, and would have sold as well as previous CODs on last gen if not for the new consoles.

1481d ago
Sci0n1481d ago

Cod is here to stay it just seems very weird that its so popular when its the most scrutinized game. People buy it and hate on the short easy campaign and hate on the noob friendly multiplayer but still buy it twice a year. It will have aim assist, kill streak perks and even more futuristic lame perks that will cater to the casual crowd and it will sell millions as usual across all platforms.

Summons751481d ago

Doubtful but I won't lie saying the trailer caught my eye. Then I remembered the same no gameplay reveal for the past 5 years

Acadius1481d ago

The series isn't what it used to be. And most of the Call of Duty community seems to live up to stigma of how the general public views gamers: obnoxious, under aged and crude. I'm not saying all FPS are devoid of this but the Call of Duty online community is more guilty than most.
As for Advanced Warfare, I really thought it was a Black Ops 3 trailer until the title card at the end. Will I buy it as a day one? I don't know. Ghosts really let me and other gamers down which is why it didn't sell as well as the previous installments overall.
The longer a product is out on the market, the more people will drop away from that product overtime. It's basic marketing. The question is, how do they attract the core market back to a franchise that treats their consumer as if we were lemmings.

MNGamer-N1481d ago

No It will be the same. Hype hype hype, disappointment. Regret. Repeat and rinse.

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