Magic 2015 iPad Preview - A Journey into the Realms of Geekdom

Tom Regan: "As someone into gaming and comics, I’ve obviously been aware of Magic: The Gathering’s existence for some time. From various internet memes to inspiring the name of my friendly neighbour hood black-metal band (Phyrexia), Magic is a force of geekdom that I have encountered from time to time but completely ignored. While browsing through Forbidden planet I’d often pass by related books or starter packs but my perceptions of it being inaccessible and, well, not that much fun, always kept me from wanting to investigate any further.

Yet that all changed last week when I visited the Wizard Of The Coasts’ office for a hands on look at the new iPad Magic 2015 experience. When I first entered the building I was guided in by an experienced elder by the name of Dan. He took me into the chamber of instruction marked ‘conference room’ and proceeded to sit me down with the patience of a paladin, and instruct me in the ways of this curious form of Magic."

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