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Twinfinite writes:

Child of Light: a side-scrolling RPG set in a world not unlike a children's fairytale storybook. Does Ubisoft's latest title live up to the hype?

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1393d ago

Still not sure if I should buy/will like this... looks beautiful though. I've just been watching a twitch stream by goggle on my xb1 and it looks cool, just can't decide if I'd find it fun myself?

munnyndonuts1393d ago

It's perfect for RPG lovers, really. But even if you're not into RPGs, the game's still pretty easy to pick up and I personally think the story's got potential to appeal to a really wide range of gamers :)

Give it a try, it's only 15 bucks!

Dewitt1393d ago

Best 15 dollar game ever made imo. I am completely hooked by every aspect.