Night Dive Studios Files ‘No One Lives Forever’ Trademark

Night Dive Studios trademarks ‘No One Lives Forever’.

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blue_cheese1319d ago

ah the original was so good. i'll gladly take a reboot or continuation of the series.

FriedGoat1319d ago

yeah, enjoyed these games.
actually laughed at them too.

Neonridr1319d ago

very good. Great games when they came out.

aaron58291319d ago

whoa! nice! they are some of my fav games in the past.

F4sterTh4nFTL1319d ago

NOLF 1&2 are still one of the funnest FPS around.

AnotherProGamer1318d ago

Try SiN (1998) it has a lot of funny moments and some awesome gameplay

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