Haze - The hype killer (SarcasticGamer)

SarcasticGamer writes:

The "Halo Killer." The "flagship" FPS title for the PS3. The game that will put the PS3 "on the map."

Haze is none of those things.

After being delayed time and time again, I was really expecting a lot from this game. You can tell me to "ignore the hype and just enjoy a good shooter" all you want, but at the end of the day the flaws in this title make doing even that next to impossible.

Only the most delusional of PS3 fanboys could possibly call this a great game.

What I want to know is "what the hell were all the delays for?" This game absolutely reeks of "unfinished." All of the problems in this game are so glaring it boggles the mind that they spent so much time on it...

Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 won't see any competition from Haze when they come out. To think I could have spent my weekend having fun, playing GTA4, but instead I played a game that not only made me scream at the TV to "SHUT UP!", but also more than likely killed braincells I will need to play LBP.

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vickers5002900d ago

Hyped game my a**. No one hyped this, no one claimed it to be a halo killer (actually halo doesn't even deserve the word "killer" in any sense of the word, instead say cod4 or resistance), flagship title, or any other of that bs sarcastic gamer claims people to have called it.

We all knew it would suck, or at least be nothing special.

Bucky Sligo2900d ago

I remember that every list of exclusives that was posted by PS3 fanboys to prove their linup was better contained Haze. Ever since the demo it started to slowly disappear. Now all of a sudden it was never hyped? Denial is a terrible thing

Lifendz2900d ago

not like there's a shortage of games on PS3.

BeaArthur2900d ago

I have to agree with Bucky. Although it was by no means the most hyped game in the PS3 arsenal it was received its fair share of hype.

InMyOpinion2900d ago

"The decision to make upcoming FPS Haze a PS3 exclusive has enabled it to "maximises the potential of the PS3", according to developer Free Radical Design."

"Littlewood explained the decision: "At Free Radical we've always had a good history with PlayStation hardware. If you look all the way back to the European launch of the PS2, we had TimeSplitters coming out as a PS2 exclusive then. Ever since then we've always worked well with PlayStation hardware. And so when it came to Haze it was an obvious decision to make. Our coders were enjoying working with the PS3 and it seemed a good decision. As a developer it's always nice to be able to focus on making one thing great rather than spreading your efforts. So we were pleased to have the opportunity to focus purely on PS3."

"PS3: Haze Dev Diary Details Kill Halo 3's Multiplayer Buzz"

"Haze Hype - Day 1: Halo 3's Competitor Is Not Unproven"

I guess it wasn't hyped then ;)

yanikins1112900d ago

I like seeing a good pwning. Well done jenzo.

Was haze hyped? Yes. Did it meet the hype? No. Is it the first or last game to ever do that? We can all answer that one.

Boink2900d ago

bubbles for a good post.

make an argument and back it up.

vickers5002900d ago

All of those articles you list are from the developer and ONE other website, and a fairly unknown one at that. I hardly consider one website to be a source of hype, maybe you do, but that to me is kind of, well, ignorant. And of course the developers will say its better than any big name game, they're trying to sell a product. Hype from the [email protected] creators DOES NOT count. Think of the countless times microsoft claimed halo 3 would be the biggest game ever, its not because they believed it, its because they had to sell their product.

No one was ever sure haze would be a good game but they would list it anyway in upcoming games because it had the formula for greatness. 4-player single player co-op, online multiplayer, weapon steals, death feigning, nectar, and at the time what appeared to be pretty good looking graphics. But the devs failed to deliver on that vision, and honestly not very many people care aside from a the very few people that were actually looking forward to this game.

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pwnsause2900d ago

Hype?this isnt a disapointment at all, but NG2 is HAHAHHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA H

LenHart2900d ago

a site owned by the BOT ToughName

please report this story.

next we will be having MART's stories at n4G too??

NG2 ---------6/10 from Gamereactor(norway)

hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa

TheMART2900d ago

Well here we have the average reviews that speak the truth:

NG2: 8.4 out of 10

Shall I name some of the games that are dissapointments on or under 84% then also in your view?

- Motorstorm
- DMC4
- Warhawk
- Dirt
- Tekken 5
- GT5 prologue
- Heavenly Sword

F*ck that's almost all of the games that are a bit worth buying on the PS3...

Haze: 5.8 out of 10

@ Lenhart aka Nasim. So you still use your dumb posts... Go check the average above 84%. It must make you cry.

While IGN gave Haze a 4.5 out of 10. I trust IGN more then a Norwegian gamereviewer BTW.

And yes, Haze was hyped last year to be a Halo 3 killer. Around Leipzig Games Convention (I went there), PS3 fanboys were going crazy over the game. I played it and it sucked. I've posted that a year ago, every PS3 fantard attacked me over it. I was right, but hey it's your party!

turbogeekx2900d ago

I can't remember anyone "hyping" Haze honestly. Only a few PS3 fanboys.

Toolster2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Come on guys, HAZE was hyped BIG TIME and everyone moaned when it kept getting put back.

Im a ps3 fan (not a fanboy) and got to say I was really looking forward to this game, However its not what I was hoping for! Its not a bad game though its not a great game either.

Thankfully I have a 360 as well so I can enjoy all the good FPS on that. I still think the PS3 has some way to go to catch up.

Im not new to gaming im 32 and have always been a sony fan from the ps1 but I have to admit the 360 is leading the way at the moment. That sais I have no doubts that PS3 will overall win the war and be the better console.

Sorry for going off topic

Thugbot1872900d ago

This game was for sure hyped. I remember when it was going to be for the 360 and PS3. Then it went PS3 exclusive, and Sony and many of the fanboys on this site started to talk trash about how the 360 wasn’t getting it. It was so hyped that for killer games for the PS3 it was on everyone’s list including some 360 people when they comparing titles from each system. I know I thought to myself man why isn't Microsoft fighting for this game. Now you hear from the PS3 fanboys this game wasn’t hyped we didn’t want it. Well then tell me why the news keeps floating around?

Superfragilistic2900d ago

Whether you agree with an article or not is irrelevant to approving it.

It's an opinion piece and should be approved as such.

dale12900d ago

haze was a bog standard shooter period it would be 6 to 7,ng2 thought was going to be great now turns out thats a pile of rushed this out to counter mgs4,from what the guys at game have said who have played it already the camera angles are terrible,theres popups,frame rates slow downs the list is endless its sad to say but it sucks hope they fix these before the ps3 version

timmyrulz2900d ago

What has Ng2 got to do with this article?

Bucky Sligo2900d ago

"ng2 thought was going to be great now turns out thats a pile of crap"

NG2 has an average of 83% on gameraknings. You PS3 fans are trying too hard.