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Submitted by Superfragilistic 2813d ago | article

Haze - The hype killer (SarcasticGamer)

SarcasticGamer writes:

The "Halo Killer." The "flagship" FPS title for the PS3. The game that will put the PS3 "on the map."

Haze is none of those things.

After being delayed time and time again, I was really expecting a lot from this game. You can tell me to "ignore the hype and just enjoy a good shooter" all you want, but at the end of the day the flaws in this title make doing even that next to impossible.

Only the most delusional of PS3 fanboys could possibly call this a great game.

What I want to know is "what the hell were all the delays for?" This game absolutely reeks of "unfinished." All of the problems in this game are so glaring it boggles the mind that they spent so much time on it...

Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 won't see any competition from Haze when they come out. To think I could have spent my weekend having fun, playing GTA4, but instead I played a game that not only made me scream at the TV to "SHUT UP!", but also more than likely killed braincells I will need to play LBP.

Check out more Haze impressions after the jump! (Haze, PS3)

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vickers500  +   2813d ago
Hyped game my a**. No one hyped this, no one claimed it to be a halo killer (actually halo doesn't even deserve the word "killer" in any sense of the word, instead say cod4 or resistance), flagship title, or any other of that bs sarcastic gamer claims people to have called it.

We all knew it would suck, or at least be nothing special.
Bucky Sligo  +   2813d ago
Oh my word
I remember that every list of exclusives that was posted by PS3 fanboys to prove their linup was better contained Haze. Ever since the demo it started to slowly disappear. Now all of a sudden it was never hyped? Denial is a terrible thing
Lifendz  +   2813d ago
Hard to feel sad
not like there's a shortage of games on PS3.
BeaArthur  +   2813d ago
I have to agree with Bucky. Although it was by no means the most hyped game in the PS3 arsenal it was received its fair share of hype.
InMyOpinion  +   2813d ago

"The decision to make upcoming FPS Haze a PS3 exclusive has enabled it to "maximises the potential of the PS3", according to developer Free Radical Design."

"Littlewood explained the decision: "At Free Radical we've always had a good history with PlayStation hardware. If you look all the way back to the European launch of the PS2, we had TimeSplitters coming out as a PS2 exclusive then. Ever since then we've always worked well with PlayStation hardware. And so when it came to Haze it was an obvious decision to make. Our coders were enjoying working with the PS3 and it seemed a good decision. As a developer it's always nice to be able to focus on making one thing great rather than spreading your efforts. So we were pleased to have the opportunity to focus purely on PS3."

"PS3: Haze Dev Diary Details Kill Halo 3's Multiplayer Buzz"

"Haze Hype - Day 1: Halo 3's Competitor Is Not Unproven"

I guess it wasn't hyped then ;)
yanikins111  +   2813d ago
I like seeing a good pwning. Well done jenzo.

Was haze hyped? Yes. Did it meet the hype? No. Is it the first or last game to ever do that? We can all answer that one.
Boink  +   2813d ago
@ jenzo
bubbles for a good post.

make an argument and back it up.
vickers500  +   2813d ago
All of those articles you list are from the developer and ONE other website, and a fairly unknown one at that. I hardly consider one website to be a source of hype, maybe you do, but that to me is kind of, well, ignorant. And of course the developers will say its better than any big name game, they're trying to sell a product. Hype from the d@mn creators DOES NOT count. Think of the countless times microsoft claimed halo 3 would be the biggest game ever, its not because they believed it, its because they had to sell their product.

No one was ever sure haze would be a good game but they would list it anyway in upcoming games because it had the formula for greatness. 4-player single player co-op, online multiplayer, weapon steals, death feigning, nectar, and at the time what appeared to be pretty good looking graphics. But the devs failed to deliver on that vision, and honestly not very many people care aside from a the very few people that were actually looking forward to this game.
pwnsause  +   2813d ago
Hype?this isnt a disapointment at all, but NG2 is HAHAHHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA H
LenHart  +   2813d ago
this is an article from SARCASTIC GAMER
a site owned by the BOT ToughName

please report this story.

next we will be having MART's stories at n4G too??

NG2 ---------6/10 from Gamereactor(norway)

hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa
TheMART  +   2813d ago
Well here we have the average reviews that speak the truth:

NG2: 8.4 out of 10

Shall I name some of the games that are dissapointments on or under 84% then also in your view?

- Motorstorm
- DMC4
- Warhawk
- Dirt
- Tekken 5
- GT5 prologue
- Heavenly Sword

F*ck that's almost all of the games that are a bit worth buying on the PS3...

Haze: 5.8 out of 10

@ Lenhart aka Nasim. So you still use your dumb posts... Go check the average above 84%. It must make you cry.

While IGN gave Haze a 4.5 out of 10. I trust IGN more then a Norwegian gamereviewer BTW.

And yes, Haze was hyped last year to be a Halo 3 killer. Around Leipzig Games Convention (I went there), PS3 fanboys were going crazy over the game. I played it and it sucked. I've posted that a year ago, every PS3 fantard attacked me over it. I was right, but hey it's your party!
turbogeekx  +   2813d ago
I can't remember anyone "hyping" Haze honestly. Only a few PS3 fanboys.
Toolster  +   2813d ago
Come on guys, HAZE was hyped BIG TIME and everyone moaned when it kept getting put back.

Im a ps3 fan (not a fanboy) and got to say I was really looking forward to this game, However its not what I was hoping for! Its not a bad game though its not a great game either.

Thankfully I have a 360 as well so I can enjoy all the good FPS on that. I still think the PS3 has some way to go to catch up.

Im not new to gaming im 32 and have always been a sony fan from the ps1 but I have to admit the 360 is leading the way at the moment. That sais I have no doubts that PS3 will overall win the war and be the better console.

Sorry for going off topic
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Thugbot187  +   2813d ago
This game was for sure hyped. I remember when it was going to be for the 360 and PS3. Then it went PS3 exclusive, and Sony and many of the fanboys on this site started to talk trash about how the 360 wasn’t getting it. It was so hyped that for killer games for the PS3 it was on everyone’s list including some 360 people when they comparing titles from each system. I know I thought to myself man why isn't Microsoft fighting for this game. Now you hear from the PS3 fanboys this game wasn’t hyped we didn’t want it. Well then tell me why the news keeps floating around?
Superfragilistic  +   2813d ago
Whether you agree with an article or not is irrelevant to approving it.

It's an opinion piece and should be approved as such.
dale1  +   2813d ago
haze was a bog standard shooter period it would be 6 to 7,ng2 thought was going to be great now turns out thats a pile of rushed this out to counter mgs4,from what the guys at game have said who have played it already the camera angles are terrible,theres popups,frame rates slow downs the list is endless its sad to say but it sucks hope they fix these before the ps3 version
timmyrulz  +   2813d ago
What has Ng2 got to do with this article?
Bucky Sligo  +   2813d ago
"ng2 thought was going to be great now turns out thats a pile of crap"

NG2 has an average of 83% on gameraknings. You PS3 fans are trying too hard.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   2813d ago
what an idiot...
it's one thing to be biased, but its a totally different thing to be bumb and biased, because that kinda make it seems as though you're bias because you're dumb.

first of all, how many gamers do you trully think go online and read srocres for games? you know what, im going to exagerate and say 10% of us. and how many of those gamers you think are going to read your bullsh1t article? hmmmm.... i'll say 0.001%. and waht percentage of that 0.001% is going to actually agree with your opinion, that my friend includes a lot of zeros after the decimal point....

so congradulations, you've manage to convince "less than half of a person" to agree with you.

and besides, didn't MS just release an EXCLUSIVE slide show? NINJA SLIDE SHOW 2 i think? oh not yet, ooops sorry.... btw, i heard that you can actually see a limb mid-air on frames 18 and 19....

enjoy it B1TCH, SNAKE is going to be your new daddy for quite some time...
Bucky Sligo  +   2813d ago
@ Stupid_Viper
"Ninja slide show 2"? lol!
Don't worry, maybe you can trade your copy of Haze with someone who haven't read this article.
xhi4  +   2813d ago
i don't know about anyone else......but I never really felt any hype for Haze.

Never really thought it would be that great or special, though it would be average and wasn't surprised by the scores.

When I looked at those videos and screenshots of it, It didn't look very good or appealing.

But he does have a point......what the hell were those delays for?

Ah anyway, MGS4's comin baby!!!
SL1M DADDY  +   2813d ago
I had high hopes for Haze but...
Never thought of it as more than a rental. It's Free Radical and up until now, they have not let out a mediocre game. That's just it, Haze is not bad, it's just that it's not as good as they were expecting. So it's not the game that is getting bad reviews, it's actually more like the reviews are just a medium for idiots to show their disappointment. I for one think that any review that shows disappointment is a review worth only wiping my butt with. No matter the hype, the game should be reviewed equally as all others. Sadly enough to say it has shown me that more and more reviews these days are just BS and show no professionalism.
yanikins111  +   2813d ago
Amen brother.
SnakeDiesinMGS4  +   2813d ago
Now I see why Microsoft didn't want this game. They were smart enough to see how crappy this game was.
Skerj  +   2813d ago
Yup, they opted for the far superior "Hour of Victory".
SL1M DADDY  +   2813d ago
Instead they got awesome exclusives like America's Army: True Soldiers, Tenchu Z, Universe at War: Earth Assault, and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements. I tell you, the 360 never get's a single stinker these days.

Lex Luthor  +   2813d ago
@Slim daddy
Those games you mentioned weren't hyped as halo killers or hyped at all.

Try harder next time please.
yanikins111  +   2813d ago
Hype or not, a s*** game is a s*** game...
snoopgg  +   2812d ago
yet they opted for
viva pinata being their big exclusive up to now. Frontlines sucked big time too!!!! Blacksite sucked, Turok sucked, Turningpoint sucked, conflict denied ops sucked. Hour of victory really sucked. Haze is better then any of those 360 fps anyday. Get off your high horses, Haze isn't the greatest fps, but its average in every way. It plays better and looks way better then any of those hyped shoooters.
tweaker  +   2813d ago
Haze the flagship FPS for the PS3? I think not. I never once believed this game would succeed. It looks mediocre compared to Halo.
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InMyOpinion  +   2813d ago
One of the rules of N4G is that you automatically get 3 disagrees for typing 'Halo'.
Boink  +   2813d ago
felidae  +   2813d ago

"... I played a game that not only made me scream at the TV to “SHUT UP!”, but also more than likely killed braincells I will need to play LBP. "
titntin  +   2813d ago
I think someone needs to tell the guy what sarcasm really is!

Though I sympathise with his point of view, you could expect a more 'bitting' and sarcastic review from him if he wanted to really to twist the knife!

You know the kind of thing: "The only haze I saw was due to my rapidly closing eyes as I started falling asleep with the mediocrity of it all"
" Fortunately the AI ensures your team mates always cross your line of sight, so you've always got something to shoot at!"

If your gonna write for 'Sarcastic gamer' at least be sarcastic!
Superfragilistic  +   2813d ago
Bubbles for tintin for making me chuckle!

But the funniest thing is the author is a self proclaimed PS3 fanboy!

See here:
LevDog  +   2813d ago
I dont remember anyone saying that Haze would be the benchmark for the PS3, Or even Halo killer for that matter... I was never pumped for Haze.. I thought it would be better than it was.. But it was never on my "Must Buy List"...
t-0_ot-  +   2812d ago
Are you kidding? Every 'badass' Ps3 fanboy on this site was saying that Haze was an AAA game and a Halo Killer.. People like Kaz, Ken, iAmPS3, Mr PS3, Nasim(and his 30 other *active* accounts), and that's to just name a few..
LaChance  +   2813d ago
"Only the most delusional of PS3 fanboys could possibly call this a great game".

Juuken said Haze was better than NG2.

lol funny article.
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highdro  +   2813d ago
only the sony fan boi called haze the halo killer and hyped it for nothing, ...i got a ps3 but i am not a fan boi,.i dont get over exctied from games like haze when i first saw the trailer, ....the type of exlusives i get excited about is MGS4,R2,KILLZONE 2,GT5,EIGHT DAYS...E.T.C,......i plan to get a 360 when i get some more money hopefully, ..i caant afford another console yet,..most people dont hve that luxry,.....any way MGS4 is only 2 weeks away, ...then bring out GEARS OF WAR 2, ..hopefully by then i would hve had my 360.
Over726  +   2813d ago
Let down
The game was cool, till the server shut down.
i would'nt have been as mad if the crap did'nt do it at the end of the game.also gamestop only gives you 35bucks...... store credit.
Robearboy  +   2813d ago
Again with the ng2 remarks, the game has also got scores of 9, its meta score is about 8.3 to 8.5, why dont you type that?
pwnsause  +   2813d ago
wasnt it supposed to get 9.5 from every site, wasnt it supposed to be regarded as the MGS4 killer according to the bots?
TheMART  +   2813d ago
So pwnsause clown

How does a tard like you that make spam posts with HAHA gets so much bubbles. Sony Protection Group/Defence Force must be voting for each other. Your HAHA posts should be reported as spam by users reading this.

MGS4 gets good ratings, anyone sees that, but because you didn't have other exclusives then Uncharted on or over 90% average ratings, you're totally going nuts right now in your posts. Learn to control yourself.
BeaArthur  +   2813d ago
I tell the TV to shut up as well. It's one thing when the AI only has 2 or 3 phrases they throw out, but it's something entirely different when they are spewing it every 5 to 10 seconds. The more I play it the more I see the glaring flaws and also find myself wondering why it was delayed so much.
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LJWooly  +   2813d ago
I find it funny a lot of people are taking an "in your face" approach to Haze's less-than-warm critical reception. It would be understandable, if there was actually a fair amount of disappointed people.

To be perfectly honest, it's really, really hard to feel disappointed, when the hype for MGS4, and the influx of other games available for the PS3 next year, just reached critical level, and let me tell you, MGS4 is one game that sure as hell won't disappoint.

Btw, it's the people who actually bought the game who are defending it. Not simply "PS3 fanboys". Also, after playing the game, I can tell you it was worth about a 7, not a 4.5. It's a good game, but nowhere near great. There's a lot of good ideas to it, it's just that most of those ideas weren't really executed as well as one would hope.
I'd also like to add that I never once heard the term "Halo Killer" form anyone besides people making fun of the term's usage. Halo really isn't deserving of being recognised as setting a standard that needs to be bested, or "killed", either. It's not exactly a great game in itself.
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Delive  +   2813d ago
Just got a used copy of Haze.
I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about. I played it for about 2.5 hours last night and enjoyed most of it (vehicle control is a bit laggy). The controls seem tight. I can aim at the heads and fire a bullet and the guy drops. I have no problem there. I have played games you can put half a clip in a guys head and he takes it to get close enough to shoot you with a shot gun. So I've seen it worse. The graphics look pretty nice considering the resolution. Better than some other games out now. I think that many people were expecting so much more and set them selves up for failure with the expectations. I think it's a good, solid game. System seller? By no means. Anything Killer? no. A good filler for now? Sure. I'm playing GTA4 and some of the missions are taking time to get through. Haze offers a good change of pace for when Lil Jacob and Brucie won't stop calling me.
BeaArthur  +   2813d ago
The graphics look nice? They are honestly the worst grapphics I have seen since the PS2 or Xbox.
LJWooly  +   2813d ago
BeaArthur, are you kidding me? While Haze's graphics certainly aren't aren't anything to brag about, there have been far worse-looking games out this gen.
BeaArthur  +   2813d ago I said, the are the worst looking I have seen. Whether there are worse looking games is irrelevant because I haven't seen any. The graphics are just bad.
LJWooly  +   2813d ago
I really think they're not nearly as bad as you're making them out to be. I'm not defending the game, by the way, I'm just disagreeing with your comment on the graphics of the game.

To put my opinion into perspective, I would have given the game a 6 in the graphics department, raher than the 4 IGN gave it. That was just pure hating by them.

Of course, I know you're not going to change your mind. You, like me, have seen the game and formed your own opinion on it, and some random poster on the internet isn't going to change what you think of the game's graphics. So, we'll agree to disagree :)
Delive  +   2812d ago
Not sure of the motivation for such a harsh opinion for the graphics. PD:Z has come out since the PS2/Xbox and looks like crap next to this. 50% of the Wii games cannot compare to this. I think these look nice and they run smooth. I have actually played the final game and have not seen the issues that so many people are complaining about. If you don't mind, could you explain what you think is so horrible about the game? Not looking for any bashing or flame bait. I would like to have an educated opinion on what makes the graphics so bad though. Not just "They are honestly the worst grapphics I have seen since the PS2 or Xbox" (that is a direct copy/paste, not my mis-spelling).

I did read your review. Seems you spent a vast amount of time explaining why the AI was so horrible, but never had any points about the poor graphics other than, "the graphics are bad".

Thanks in advance.
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DoubleThree   2813d ago | Spam
bootsielon  +   2813d ago
"The “Halo Killer.” The “flagship” FPS title for the PS3. The game that will put the PS3 “on the map.”"

Who ever claimed that? I do not remember any ps3 fan do that, hell the PS3 has been on every gamers radar ever since GDC07, motorstorm and resistance did a hell of a job in the meanwhile, and the last holiday line-up had two "AAA" titles, uncharted and ratchet, not to mention it also had great games like Warhawk, Eye of Judgment, Heavenly Sword, UT3 with mods, Pain, Calling all cars, Echochrome, blast factor, super stardust HD, everyday shooter, among others.

Hell, Haze is pretty much history now, only Xbox fanboys are the ones mentioning it, as if PS3 fans care? And if you actually use the phrase "Halo Killer" giving that much credit to a not very innovative franchise, while calling on others fanboy... well, you just killed your own credibility.

Oh, but it is sarcastic gamer, so who takes them seriously?

"Haze... a perfect representation of what the ps3 is. "

That statement is an epic fail. It is a multiplatform title, and anyway, you could have said Lair, but you chose not to. That speaks volumes of your intelligence.
LJWooly  +   2813d ago
I know, I really don't get all this "Halo Killer" stuff. I never heard a single PS3 fan say that, only people poking fun at the use of the term.

As for the people who actually were disappointed, they need not worry, MGS4 will be here soon to cheer 'em up :)
yanikins111  +   2813d ago
I recently re-purchased resistance. Imo it pwnes halo. Maybe not halo3 due to online functionality, but the story, weapon design, mood and gameplay are all severely underated. And its long.
LaChance  +   2813d ago
booyselion in total denial

Even denying that Haze is a ps3 exclusive.

Oh well it must hurt to have Haze as "AAA" title.
#21.3 (Edited 2813d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
juuken  +   2813d ago
I didn't hype this game.
End of story.
Bucky Sligo  +   2813d ago
Ladies and gentlemen, juuken didn't hype Haze. I guess Haze wasn't hyped at all then. :|
juuken  +   2813d ago
Cute, but no.
poos3  +   2813d ago
cause haze on metacritic is 5.4 on metacritic if microsoft fans were as sad as ps3 fans we would find some no name website that prolly gave haze 2/10 and brag about it and believe they are out here game game reactor gave it a 7/10 and gave resistance a 6/10 think abotu that haha kids haze shows the true power of the cell haha what a joke ng2 is better than any game apart from mgs4 which is the has crap graphic sbu tis a good game wait for the real bigg hitters thi syear an dmgs4 will be forgetting like the greatest game ofc all time has been gta4 (which was not great at all bu they called it that remember gta sanadreas is a much better game)dont worry wait for reall game like left 4 dead,gears of war2,banjoo,fable 2,too human then you sony fans wil cry you only have 1 good gam ethis year what a shame .
#23 (Edited 2813d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
OLD MAN  +   2813d ago
HAZE was hyped?
even if that was true, it had nowhere near the hype halo 3 and gears of war had with all those push backs, gears 1 was introduced in early 2005 and then was shown at e3 2005, then it was supposed to release in the end of that same year, but was hyped for 1 more year and continuosly worked on from that extension in time, oh dont forget the marketing of that game.

halo 3 was hyped beyond measure with a CGI hype trailer that microsoft said was realtime on 180, then proven not to be realtime sometime before e3 2007, microsoft and bungie continue with the hype and remember this game was originally thought to be coming on the first xbox, then hyped all the way from that time til now. but not only that but they released the HYPE MACHINE OF THE CENTURY with that halo 3 multiplayer beta, you had to buy a garbage game just to try out a 3 week test of the full alpha phase of the final game and was yet continuosly hyped with things such as action figures, Mountain Dew game fuel(which was probably the best mountain dew i have ever had) legendary game including a Master Chief helmet that some idiots actually tried to fit on. not to mention several events and showings of released footage on the game til release of the full game.

i have halo 3 and i know its a good game, i just know it didnt deserve that high of a score, its lacked several things, and there are things missing that were supposed to be added by now:


-after the lesson learned in halo 2 they still didnt add downloadable weapons and vehicles.

-story mode is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo short

-multiplayer is fun, but can severely wear out cause there are downloadble maps and thats it, never any new weapons and vehicles, this is why UT3 will outlive that game

all in all the game didnt deserve all the sales it got, if it wasnt delayed and hyped all that time the sales wouldve been several times lower, COD4 does better than it cause its an expansive game it actually has several weapons whereas halo 3 had about 5 or six new weapons if that and old weapons slightly modified, also there are only a batch full of new vehicles and the old ones remain, you could design your spartan or arbiter, but only so much, when i first saw that game i thought that you could actually make the character, but instead it was EXTREMELY limited especially considering the timeframe the game was in development. you could record videos, but for what? you could redisign a level, but yet that redesign isnt really used i ranked matchmaking. also i thougt you could actually build a level and that would be able to be used in matchmaking, but i guess i was wrong.

to wrap things up, haze hasnt been hyped nearly as much as alot of xbox and wii exclusives, the marketing this entire gen has been MULTIPLES higher than sonys. for microsoft here are games that exceed greatly ps3s hype for games:

-Gears of war (1)

-HALO (1)

-Bioshock (1)

-Mass Effect (2)

-Lost Planet (2)

-Oblivion (2)

-Perfect Dark ZERO "HUGE dissapointment even more than HAZE considering it was a reigning smash hit on N64" (1)

-Project Gotham 3 and 4 (2)

-Forza Motorsport 2 (2)

-Call of Duty 2 "only on xbox and pc since ps3 and wii hadnt launched" (1)

-Prey (1)

-GT4 "cause so many xbox fanbois hyped it even more for the 180" (1)

and for wii there are more things than games like

-super mario galaxy (1)

-RED steel "dissapointmen considering several things, but mostly prior to ps3 release the graphics were SEVERELY hyped when people were saying who needs a ps3 when a cheaper system has graphics like that? then the game was in your face and looked worse than farcry for xbox."

-super smash bros brawl "and for good reason" (1)

-zelda (1)

-mario cart (1)

-wii mote

-wii fit


-wii sports which came with the machine

so there are loads of reasons why games on ps3 havent done aswell, the marketing is one reason, but they are starting to rebound that, HAZE couldnt be a halo killer simply because it had NOWHERE near the budget, or hype halo had and had a MUCH higer development timeframe than HAZE.

as for graphics of haze, have any of you considered that haze is a freeroaming game like crysis, so you also need to consider size/graphics thats what crysis is hyped for, the graphics arent all that great but its big and freeroaming so you claim its the best visuals, so the same outta be said about haze.
Bucky Sligo  +   2813d ago
Please learn some punctuation.
DJ  +   2813d ago
Funny sh*t. =D
Sarcastic Gamer's right, this game had absolutely no hype. It just looked like a solid shooter that would hold us over until November (i.e. Resistance). But it failed, so whatever. Doesn't matter since Bioshock! is on the way.
DFresh  +   2813d ago
I'll say Haze is average at best but every console has it's flops.
360 had some exclusives that flopped harder than PS3.
Vampire Blood Rain (4/10)
Medal of Honor Hour of Victory (2/10)
Crackdown (6/10)

Haze was rated an 8 and suffered a 6 but that's not as bad as these titles I just mentioned.

I play COD4 more than this.

I'm glad they released a demo first.

Because if I picked up this game the same way I picked up Unreal Tournament 3 I would of probably killed myself.
TheMART  +   2813d ago
Don't make stuff up. Crackdown average is on 83%

And those other games weren't hyped as Haze was said to be a Halo 3 killer.

You fail. Haze was told to be a big one and it is the 'Lair' game of 2008. Accept the loss.
OLD MAN  +   2813d ago
a dissagree?
well there is no invalidity in my post, so i must be right by the fanlogic on this site.(xbox and pc fans specifically)
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2812d ago
When Halo become the standar for FPS anyway? It doesn't even is good, it's mediocre. I bought the first, that os good, OK, not great. The second was already mediocre, to the point I didn't even look up to Halo 3, don't made me think about buy a 360, which the not-so-talked-about Bioshock did.
t-0_ot-  +   2812d ago
Hahaha.. Haze. That's all I need to say.

BUT, why not. What happened to this AAA game Haze, you PS3 fanboys!? Ahaha. It's great. You guys hype up EVERY game that hits the PS3.. Sad.
Guess you guys need some AAA games, eh? All you PS3 fanboys get are AA games.. Wait, how bout A games? No, no, no.. You guys don't even get A games.. ahahaha

kronik323  +   2812d ago
u r a fanboy
why does every single fan boy sony and xbox alike love throwing that AAA crap around does it make u feel better...its so god damm annoying...n i agree there were a number of people hyping the hell out of this game but the way you talk to them makes it seem like it was every single ps3 owner ...i heard about this months ago ..hell my friend who works at gamecrazy and a 360 owner was more exited about this game...and i can see were you guys got the halo killer thing but that was taken out of context in my opinion ..ill admit when i first saw the game it reminded me of halo to much...and thats were it ended i was never going to buy the game in the first place ..oh well one game out of like 5 exclusives out this year that flopped ... to all you 360 fanboys not 360 fans but fanboys.. notice i distinguish fanboy from fan...a fanboy is a retard who seems to find any way possible to make his console of choice seem superior to the other...a fan like my self just is interested in games and what the company has to offer them and they do not go bashing at every chance they get...since your so keen on making the ps3 look like crap tell me how many "AAA" games are coming out this year....ill give you gears2 (the reason im picking up a 360)good game even tho it doestn look as innovating as everyone was HYPING it to be but i mean why fix whats not broken...banjoo kazooie lol sorry pinata haha again sorry..i know your going to be like see ur a sony fanbot but i mean comeone if your hardcore gamers as most of you claim to be and you rely on those 2 titles to compete then i feel sorry for you..look lbp makes those games look like todler toys.....fable2 another reason for picking up the 360...ng2 well the reviews speak for them selves...and lets look at the ps3 line up mgs4,rfom2,motorstorm2,lbp,soc om thats what im looking forward to there might be more ps3 titles i didnt mention but when you compare those line ups 360 gets blown out... go ahead and disagree but you will still only be playing banjoo and gears while im playing all those ps3 games i mentioned and your precious 360 "AAA" just sucks that you guys automatically assume every single ps3 owner is a FANBOY you guys make 360 owners look almost embarrassed that some people might associate me with your views and opinions.

ps. i know most of you will get on my case because of the punctuation but go ahead im not writing an english thesis or anything. I use it when i feel like it.
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miguel54  +   2812d ago
the Mart your full of crap werent you bots all excited cause you heard Mgs4 was coming to your belved system xbox and famitsu game it a 34 out of 40 for Haze and has is brilliant i bet you havent even played it you just go by forums and reviews why dont you play games first hand in stead of spreading crap.
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