Call of Duty: Advance Warfare Not Coming to Wii U?

GR: It looks like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PS3, and PC—but not Wii U.

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stuna11607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Well time to prepare for all the conspiracy theoies and unfounded assumptions!

But in my opinion if it's supposedly a cross generational release, it shouldn't be a hardware based reason as to why it's not releasing on the WII U. Either way Nintendo really need to push a lot harder in convincing developers in general that their platform is deserving of the support that other platforms receive. But most of all the fanbase has to echo that same sentiment.

@ LOL_WUT &Neonridr

Totalally agree with both of your comments! But this is something that the fanbase has the ability to address, by showing that they want games outside of just Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong! It's nothing wrong with showing support to things outside of what you're use to, if it's reasonable.

LOL_WUT1607d ago

If this game doesn't release on the WiiU it'll be another big blow to Nintendo. ;)

Neonridr1607d ago

considering the sales of the previous two games on the Wii U, would anyone even notice if this one wasn't there?

d4v03331607d ago

i seriously do not see the point of them releasing COD games on Wii U...i mean they dont sell on Wii U and it will be a waste of money for them to release it on Wii U.

Ck1x1607d ago

Well just a couple of days ago many were proclaiming that this would be a PC, PS4 &XbOne title only. At this point people need to stop saying that if this or that game doesn't come it's going to be a big blow. How many people are going out to buy WiiU for the yearly CoD installment? Collectively it sucks when games don't come to the system, but it's up to Nintendo to flood the WiiU with compelling exclusive games to move the hardware! This won't happen with a average CoD port from the 360 version, nothing compelling about that at all.

N4g_null1607d ago

Great point ck1x. The cod console has been bought plus those players don't like motion controls. Even though the cod experience is closer to pc on the wiiu controller fps don't care. Cod and some joysticks are good enough.

It may come out later also. If it does then cool.

ChickeyCantor1607d ago

Some key franchises of Nintendo sold about 10 million on the Wii. How exactly is it a blow?

Eh, I have a PS3 since the get go and never bothered with CoD.

And if I really wanted to i'd probably get it for pc. Which I don't.

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deafdani1607d ago

But that's the thing. The fanbase in general doesn't care about Call of Duty on Wii U. Both CoD games on Wii U are considered solid ports, yet they sold pretty bad.

The PS4 and Xbox One versions of Ghosts sold more than the Wii U version, despite having smaller install bases at the time that game was released. Now the PS4 has sold more units worldwide than Wii U (idk about Xbox One), so the gap is going to be even further... so it wouldn't surprise me at all if this new Call of Duty game skips the Wii U.

Chrischi19881607d ago

Considered solid ports? Is that so? Maybe Black Ops 2. Ghost looked worse than Black Ops 2. Both did not get any DLC and by the way, for Ghost they announced before release, that it wont get any, so hmm, why did it not sell good? If people have more than 1 plattform to play a game on and you hear, that one plattform wont get DLC, which one will you buy? Not that hard to decide actually.

SilentNegotiator1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

"Well time to prepare for all the conspiracy theoies and unfounded assumptions!"

Clearly Activision is just being babies because an assumed behind the scenes deal went wrong!
...that's always the out when an EA game doesn't come to WiiU. I wonder what excuse fanboys will come up for this one.

Actually fanboys will probably just go with the "we're just too superior to play one of the world's most popular game series" excuse.

Neonridr1607d ago

just because it's popular doesn't mean it's worth your time SilentNegotiator..

randomass1711607d ago

@Silent Negotiator I thought it was pretty clear that EA doesn't particularly favor Wii U. I mean it's all fun and games when EA developers make fun of Wii U on April Fools, but when fans turn around and say EA has something against Wii U, suddenly a conspiracy theory.

If CoD doesn't make it to Wii U, it probably means sales for the previous two games were no good. Two separate issues that you're trying to mold together to spite Nintendo fanboys without much proof.

SilentNegotiator1607d ago

Didn't say that, but nice warping of my words. Just saying that Nintendo fans like to pretend like they're too good for one of the most popular series out there. Up until Ghosts, they generally all rated well and have kept millions of people coming back.

I'm talking about the "origin" disagreement that Nintendo fanboys treat as fact when it's just a rumor.

BoneBone1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Quote - "Interestingly enough, there is no mention of a Wii U version, which certainly isn't a good sign for Nintendo-only gamers."

Blops2 & Ghosts were only announced sometime after the others were also.

You sure don't know your gaming current affairs for someone who wants to write gaming related stories... poor show.

EDIT. Don't vote me down just because you can't argue with facts, you don't want to be a coward as well as a bad games writer.

acharlez1607d ago

That may be true, but sales on the platform for both Ghosts and BLOPS2 were incredibly underwhelming. Based on those facts, there's plenty of reason for Activision to skip out on a Wii U version this time around.

wonderfulmonkeyman1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Yeah, plenty of reason, if they want to alienate themselves from any sort of future deals with the company.
The fact of the matter, is that they'll never see an INCREASE in sales if they don't keep TRYING to show some faith by continuing the series on the Wii U and making each iteration a better attempt than their previous.
The Wii U's install base is already at 7M and growing, so they've got an audience here. They just need to find a way to convince them to buy their game, that's all.
If they could make each one on the Wii sell over 1M units, they can make it happen on Wii U, too, with the right efforts.

thehobbyist1607d ago

Maybe because those who own a Wii U know that Call of Duty is not the center of the gaming universe.

Neonridr1607d ago

Doesn't really surprise me, Black Ops 2 and Ghosts sold very poorly. So Activision may be deciding to cut support of Call of Duty for Nintendo. But Black Ops 2 and Ghosts were only announced for Wii U at a later date, not during the initial reveals.

So speculate away N4G..

acharlez1607d ago

If there isn't a big enough audience, can you really blame them?

randomass1711607d ago

Nope, can't say that I do. If there's no market, why lose money on it? I think most people are getting Wii U mostly for Nintendo games anyway.

Chrischi19881607d ago

The Wii got CoD every time and all of them sold poorly, so what is the difference now? And again, no wonder Ghost did not sell that well.

Theyellowflash301607d ago

Actually, most of the COD titles on Wii sold over 1 million units worldwide.

Metallox1607d ago

Call of Duty sold well on that console, considering that Wii wasn't the best place to play FPS.

Chrischi19881607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

But Wii U is a great place? At least not, if we take the opinions of most here on n4g...

And considering that there were like 100mil Wii out there, not such a great number...

lilbroRx1607d ago

Notice how no one ever addresses the reasons these things did poorly.

madjedi1606d ago

Because even if we bother to give reasons we will get spammed with disagrees.

Or hear excuse after excuse as to why it is a shitty port and not worthy of their money unlike nintendo first party titles.

That or the said games are beneath the various nintendo fans refined tastes, despite letting w101 one of the more unique games bomb like crazy.

Take your pick, nintendo fans refuse to buy 3rd party games or are buying them on other platforms, because the sales for 3rd party games are bad. Just ask ubisoft if they are making zombiu 2, rayman ironically is the exception to the rule.

Maybe stop expecting 1st party effort from 3rd party devs, because the mentality i see from alot of nintendo posters is exclusive or gtfo. You guys are definitely succeeding on the second part with devs.

Sev1607d ago

Pretty much everyone has given up on the Wii U except Nintendo at this point. So sad, I love that console.

BoneBone1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Yeah, Wii U version not being immediately announced just as BLOPS2 & Ghosts weren't either means we should all jump to the "Pretty much everyone has given up on the Wii U except Nintendo at this point" conclusion as all intelligent people would.

Someone should call Ubisoft and remind them to cancel Watch_Dogs, oh yeah, and pull Child of Light off the eShop.

So many people on the internet are so hollow inside and so easily influenced; they are barely capable of having a single original or independent thought and just always end up parroting any rubbish they've read other idots posts on forums.

Such people usually make really good obedient jar-heads in the army.

deafdani1607d ago

I love the Wii U. That doesn't change the fact that, outside indie developers, third party support is pretty underwhelming on that console.

So, saying that "Pretty much everyone has given up on the Wii U except Nintendo at this point" is a pretty accurate claim at the moment. Right now, the Wii U depends a 100% on Nintendo to have a chance to turn around. This is why Nintendo is hyping Mario Kart 8 so much, among other things.

acharlez1607d ago

So sad indeed. Here's to hoping Nintendo has some incredible first-party stuff in the cooker.

insertcoin1607d ago

It's like they put Wii U and Vita under a box and say that don't exist.

InTheLab1607d ago

Nintendo has their top devs on the WiiU at least. Sony half assed it all the way.

NYC_Gamer1607d ago

There isn't an audience for COD on Wii U

acharlez1607d ago

Too true. As such, you can't really blame Activision.

DanManDantheMan1607d ago

I'd say people don't know the Wii U version exists more than that there's no audience.

COD has such a broad audience that it's stupid to say they don't exist on Nintendo platforms.