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Naughty Dog - Connecting the Dots

In order to understand what is likely going on inside of Naughty Dog, it’s best to recap just who has left and under what circumstances. (Naughty Dog, PS4, Uncharted PS4)

JustPlay4  +   229d ago
Interesting read, seem to make a lot sense. I'm sure ND will be fine moving forward, can't for Uncharted 4 and what ever else that make.
jatakk  +   229d ago
Nice attempt of damage control! But honestly, I hope things are well at ND HQ and they'll continue making great gaming experiences.
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   229d ago
I see You don't know what damage control is... It's just the author's theories of the situation at ND. Nothing he said was about denying or making excuses. And honestly, the article makes some sense.
ArbitorChief  +   229d ago
Naughty Dog will never be the same, too many senior lead designers are gone.
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   229d ago
You don't know that. I understand your concerns, but They can hire more people as talented as the guys who left
mkis007  +   229d ago
This happened last gen too, People high up move on people that are lower move up and become senior level. Without these people leaving you have no one moving up. And people would leave anyway!
guyman  +   229d ago
lol what a pathetic attempt at trolling
SoulSercher620  +   229d ago
You say that as if Naughty Dog will be any worse of a team while they're gone. Did they get worse when Jason Rubin left? I don't think so.
johndoe11211  +   229d ago
What you really wanted to say was "I pray to God that naughty dog will never be the same , too many senior designers (which really only amounts to two) are gone. Sony has no right to have the best game development company in the world".

It must really eat you up that sony owns naughty dog doesn't it? It's very obvious seeing that you can't help but troll every single ps4 article that pops up on this site.

And personally I don't see why that would bother you. I'm constantly hearing from pc guys how you have 1000x more games on pc than on consoles and that pc games are way better. But I think I know what it is....PC doesn't have naughty dog does it?

Go right ahead now and tell us how you own a ps4, please, it will be interesting.
ArbitorChief  +   229d ago
I don't see how me saying how Naughty Dog won't be the same, which they won't considering a lot of senior designers have left, that doesn't mean there complete garbage, just different. Nope it doesn't eat me inside, I own a Playstation 4 and I've owned all Playstation platforms, I've played all of Naughty Dog games. $400, well technically, $550 isn't a lot of money for me, especially considering I own a GPU that costs more than a PS4 itself. But your lengthy post sums up how upset you are over my opinion that Naughty Dog will be different and if you think otherwise, that's mega denial :)

P.S. Naughty Dog aren't the best developer around, top 5, but Blizzard and Valve are miles ahead.
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medman  +   229d ago
Naughty Dog has been making games for 30 years. They know how to manage turnover. Good luck with your warped sense of reality though.
Prototype_79L  +   229d ago
Everything started after Corinne Yu joined ND...
nucky64  +   229d ago
when ND blows everyone away with what they bring to E3,i wonder what all of these people will want to gossip about then?
Inception  +   229d ago
They will make gossip about ND janitor got fired and blow up the news like the janitor have the same position like Evan Wells or Christopher Balestra.
nucky64  +   229d ago
LOL!...... you are so right.
Pintheshadows  +   229d ago
Oh my god, a company is restructuring!!! What ever will we do. Things like this never happen in business. This is crazy. ND is doomed.

Sometimes, I really want to punch the internet in what would be its face.
DarkLord1003  +   229d ago
Corinne Yu - double agent...
mkis007  +   229d ago
How many of the people who made Goldeneye 007 and Banjo Kazooie are still at Rare?

We are talking a few people here who have been training the others below them the whole time. Transfer of power.
DoctorJones  +   229d ago
That's probably not the best comparison to make. Rare made classics back then, and now? Well, now they don't.
Picnic  +   229d ago
That must have been one of the worst training sessions in history in Rare's case.

Did it go something like this:

'Right team. We've shipped Starfox Adventures. That did OK for right now. But now we're on Xbox and one of the things that people love from us is original platforming games'.

'Ermm.. we've already started making Conker: Live and reloaded.'

'OK. A sequel. well we did that with Banjo Kazooie but it can't hurt..'

'No- not a sequel. It's the exact same single player game but with some swearing taken out and a bit better graphics'.

'Ermm.. right. That'll tide us over but after THAT we'll do an original platform game, team..'

'No- we're doing Grabbed by the ghoulies next. No platforming. Brawling. It's a bit like our Luigi's Mansion.'

'Sounds fun but still- we need to do an epic platform game with new IP right?'

'Nah- we're doing Perfect Dark again. It didn't sell many copies on the N64 compared to Goldeneye but it still has a lot of fans. We've got some guys who've spent the last few years playing...'

'Half Life 2?'

'No- playing nothing but old Sega arcade games working on it...'

'And then the platform game??'

'And then Viva Pinata. No platforming boss there either. Sorry. At least it's bound to be a hit. It's just our form of Animal Crossing really. How couldn't it be?. (n.b and it was a sales success).

'So the it must be time for the epic platform game with new IP?'

'Well, 1 out 2 isn't bad - we're going to do an epic platform game but it'll be Banjo again'.

'Well in the absence of any fresh new ideas as regards characters that's alright. Banjo is still popular...'.

'But, boss- one of the guys got an idea about a Banjo racing game'

'Yes... ?'

'So we've mixed the 2 things together. With most of the platforming taken out and replaced by a vehicle construction / racing game. And we're going to make Kinect games for the next 4 or 5 years.'

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mkis007  +   229d ago
My point was that rare actually was a dev that had their entire original team leave and their identityy change...this has not happened to Naughty dog with the 6 (?) people have have gone elsewhere.
Picnic  +   226d ago
Then my point complements yours. It doesn't disagree with it.
King2008  +   229d ago
What happens to teams when they win the Superbowl?? Everyone wants your talent. I really can't blame a person leaving a company for more money.
Picnic  +   229d ago
Following the money does not necessarily lead to anything except that one off promised pot of money.

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