Sony: 'Incredible' Response to Project Morpheus From Developers

VRFocus - Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has labelled the response from developers to its Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset on PlayStation 4 as 'incredible'. SCE Europe head of publisher and developer relations Agostino Simonetta said as much speaking at a recent panel, attended by VRFocus, focused on the device. Simonetta explained the the reception to the headset had been unlike anything the company has seen before with other peripherals.

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VforVideogames1603d ago

That was not an 'INCREDIBLE RESPONSE' people this days.

UltimateMaster1603d ago

Guess we'll need to wait till E3 to get all the details.

Tatsuya 1603d ago

Just get No Man's Sky and confirmation of EVE Valkyrie releasing on Morpheus and you'll have my full support SONY :)

medman1603d ago

Hopefully some Morpheus/No Man's Sky news at E3. That would be amazing.

kevco331603d ago

EVE: Valkyrie is releasing on PS4! Was announced at GDC :)

Clover9041603d ago

No Man's Sky!!!

EVE Valkyrie is already set to come to both VR platforms, which is great since now that CCP knows that they will have a larger audience with both Rift and Morpheus they can sink more money into making Valkyrie really shine. The new trailer looks intense :)

ThanatosDMC1603d ago

Fallout 4 + Morpheus and then I'll be happy.

hello121603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Been slightly cynical i will get disagrees for saying this, but Sony is putting a lot on the line for Morpheus to be successful so there going to say this anyway so people will buy.

Simonetta explained the the reception to the headset had been unlike anything the company has seen before with other peripherals.

Not saying it will not be good in a few years, but its not going to be evolutionary over night its going to take a good while for dev's to make AAA games for this device.

HighResHero1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

I have little doubt that that Morpheus could be very successful. It looks like like Sony is serious about supporting it, but if they expect another one of their amazing products to just "sell itself" (in very high numbers) then it may be overshadowed.
I've just seen too many highly marketable projects from them not reach there sales potential over the last few years. They are doing great with the PS4 though and I actually prefer that they didn't go the MtN Dew/Bieber route.

Kidmyst1603d ago

If Sony can market this to be used to play any game on even if just used as a TV, watch Blu Rays on, I could see it geting more popular because for anyone who shares a TV, they could play remote play like with this using the DS4 controller. Even Blue ray content could be exclusive to go inside the movie type stuff.

Clover9041603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

I'm not going to disagree with you, because you're absolutely right about VR going to take awhile to be evolutionary. It's something new, and it's difficult if not impossible to give someone a real sense of what it is without them try it for themselves.

Having said that, two giants like Facebook and Sony pushing for VR adoption will definitely get heads turning. And as for AAA games, it'll definitely take some time, but the great thing about VR is that it doesn't take much to be fun. Just good ideas.

hello121603d ago

upvote i agree Clover. I expect Microsoft will announce something like this soon enough, as well

avengers19781603d ago

The success of VR, any VR, highly depends on the price point, and then content avalible. If a VR display cost say 200$ then I can see it being widely accepted, but if it's 400-500$ then I think it will fail. I realize that the tech is costly, but there's going to need to be an attractive price point to get people going for it.

greenlantern28141603d ago

Price point will be the make or break for VR.
If the prices is to high then it won't matter what kind of content it has.

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