Watch Dogs organization DedSec inspired by hacker-group Anonymous, says Ubisoft

Ubisoft went into the Watch Dogs project making sure they emphasized the fact that concepts and ideas in the game had to be realistic and applicable to real-life nowadays. They went so far as to create an organization in Watch Dogs called DedSec, which Ubisoft said was inspired by the real-life international group of hacktivists, Anonymous.

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stuna11543d ago

Like J. Jonah Jameson said in Spiderman 2; "If Spiderman (Anonymous) doesn't want to be famous"! "I'll make him (Them), Imfamous"!

bunt-custardly1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

This is well old news.

Quote from original article posted four months ago:

""We are inspired by Anonymous as well as state-sponsored hackers and the tales of corporate espionage but we decided to create fictitious factions for the game," Graham says of the groups found within Ubisoft's Watch Dogs."


Shnooze1543d ago

Anonymous, the botnet extraordinaires!

mezati991543d ago

i actually know one of that group

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