Watch Dogs' Opening Level has 'Brutal Tone' and Bloody Torture

German site divulges new details on Ubisoft's upcoming open world title.

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parentoftheyear1542d ago

I thought they said, there was not blood in the game.

theXtReMe11542d ago

Unnecessary blood. Meaning its not overly gory.

JackOfAllBlades1542d ago

Meaning there isn't dismemberment and cannibalism. Tortures cool though. On topic, I really don't mind as long as it ties into the story and isn't just there unnecessarily

AgentSmithPS41542d ago

Mom says "Now remember Billy, it's ok to torture and kill as long as there's not much blood, we aren't slobs."

It's nice that adults will get a more adult game for a change.

ramiuk11541d ago

u know kids gonna be playing it though.

i really wish there was something that could be done to stop kids playing adult games.
Parents dont give a crap these days.
my kids 8 and while i let him have a few goes on BF4 or ghosts(he doesnt use knife)
he has kids in his school younger than him who have been playing GTA5 since launch day.
Kids online is what stopped me using my headset in games.

AgentSmithPS41540d ago


Yeah there are a lot of 'special' parents out there.

In my experience in bf4 on PS4 almost nobody uses the mic, more often I'll hear annoying background sounds of a tv echoing. I rarely hear a kid talking, one time I was lonely and asked if anyone had a mic and a little kid wanted me to go sniping with him so I did. It was hilarious he only killed 2 but somehow died 8 times. In bf3 a little kid actually helped my lame team win a ctf round, he was smarter than the average player though since he wanted to talk and use teamwork.

skydragoonity1542d ago

This game should just live to its hype cus I'm anticipating

cfc831542d ago

We need devs to step up to the plate and involve brutality etc. These things happen, and boundaries ought to be pushed.

TheDarpaChief1542d ago

Kojima is trying but everyone is crying....over it. Lol

cfc831541d ago

I don't think everyone is mate. Maybe a few folks online, and a few less than street wise nerds, but your general public won't care. These games have age certificates. They've probably SAW worse.

ramiuk11541d ago

its the fact that devs know kids play there games no matter what age imo.
there prob scared incase they the next reason billy slaughtered his family story.

There should be more inplace to keep kids away from adult games,i have seen kids(about 11) in shops in UK asking parents for GTA5,then while at checkout talking about it and jumping up and down with excitement and shopkeeper still sells it to them.

MeteorPanda1542d ago

l can't wait to see random civilians with the most tripped out shit under their criminal files...please ubisoft. l want to see a granny charged with armed assault, drunk in public, resisting arrest and public nudity.

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