Why You Should Be Super Excited For Mario Kart 8

Mike From Mii-gamer:

Nintendo has begun the hype machine - with an out of the blue Mario Kart 8 Direct. The latest round of information very much confirmed what many gamers suspected - that Mario Kart 8 is turning out to be a compelling piece of software. Mario Kart 8 will no doubt reinvigorate the Wii U from a gamer's perspective - as this game alone will eat so much time.

However, if you are sitting on the fence deliberating on whether to purchase Mario Kart 8 - perhaps a little persuasion is needed. So here's why you should be super excited for Mario Kart 8.

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Nevers0ft1602d ago

Just release it already! If I was any more excited I'd probably be pitching a semi.

BattleN1602d ago

I forced myself to like MK wii visually, gameplay wise it was fun! While at the reveal of MK8 I scrambled to google if pixar was helping create the game! I wish there was a MK 8 themed Roller coaster themed with everything MK 8 has to offer!

deafdani1601d ago

You can force yourself to like something? I can't. :P

Anyway, I thought MK Wii had pretty nice graphics considering the hardware it was on, but it wasn't really a showcase for the Wii's capabilities, graphically speaking. Mario Galaxy 1 / 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles on the other hand, looked downright beautiful, despite being barely 480p. :P

Mario Kart 8, on the other hand, truly seems to be throwing everything at you, included the kitchen sink, graphically speaking.

Of course, I expect the gameplay to be as fun as it always was. :)

linkenski1601d ago

In a nutshell, It's just MK7 with better graphics... meh.