No Nintendo hardware reveal at E3, company confirms

Nintendo will not be revealing new hardware at E3, the company has confirmed to CVG.

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Neonridr1536d ago

I still think it could be a new gamepad. I don't know if a controller classifies as hardware, more an accessory.

fonger081536d ago

I think that would be a good idea, they need to figure out ways to make the system have a lower cost, to them and the consumers, to get the systems to fly off the shelves this year. That gamepad is expensive for them to produce...

MurDocINC1536d ago

They don't need to lower their cost, they need up their loss. If they did losses like sony and ms, Wii U would cost under $100.

videgamenext11536d ago

A new console with 2 free good games ( one you get to pick yourself) and 2 controllers all for 329.99 when mk8 drops. That's a crazy good deal.

Mr Pumblechook1536d ago

Ban the websites that posted lies.

randomass1711536d ago

Apparently the rumors originated from IGN.

gaffyh1536d ago

It was pretty obvious that there would be no hardware reveal as soon as they announced that there was not going to be a conference at E3. That's the type of thing you shout about on a live stage, not announce on a youtube video.

SilentNegotiator1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

"Ban the websites that posted lies"

I don't remember the article precisely, but I believe that they showed that the code on an E3-related Nintendo article said "New hardware" in it or something like that. I don't think they posted a "lie"

Chrischi19881536d ago

Actually Nintendo did sell the Wii U at a loss. Ok, I bet now the hardware is a bit cheaper, but at the very beginning, they did lose money on it and the price cut probably took away, what couldve been a win, after the parts became cheaper.

DOMination-1536d ago

Get rid of the gamepad altogether. Sell it with a normal controller at a much cheaper price and I'll get one

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torchic1536d ago

the only two categories that exist in gaming are hardware & software. pretty sure "a controller" is not considered software....

Neonridr1536d ago

so a screen protector is hardware? could have fooled me.

BattleN1536d ago

No Nintendo, I guess there dropping Wii in favor of No?

NEW! No Nintendo Entertainment System NNES, sweet news!

fonger081536d ago

Any one expecting a new console reveal is kidding themselves. Could it be a remodel, sure, could it be newer look to the 3DS, possibly... but a brand new system is extremely far fetched.

admiralvic1536d ago

I don't recall anyone thinking it was a new console (besides the quality of life thing that is). Most people seemed to believe it was another 3DS, which isn't that farfetched when you look at Nintendo's handheld history.

fonger081536d ago

Check out some of the comments here:

Whether some of these people commented in jest or truth, maybe some don't "believe" Nintendo would reveal a new console, but I think a lot were/are "hopefully" they would.

lilbroRx1536d ago

You apparently weren't on that post article about it then. So many people came in specifically looking for a Wii U replaces people who said otherwise were hammered with disagrees.

I was one of the one who said it wasn't new hardware and probably just a new controller.

admiralvic1536d ago

@ Nifonge

I see. I read a few of the others (like the metatag ones), but specifically avoided that one because I knew it would result in the typical hate / troll comments that it got.

Concertoine1536d ago

Guess those jokers at IGN can shut up now.
Theres this huge over reliance on undisclosed insiders and baseless rumors this gen. Makes me wonder how gaming sites stayed open all those years ago when they werent so seedy and click thirsty.

serratos271536d ago

I've found myself reading articles on N4G labeled as 'Rumor' when really the articles lead back to nothing but opinion or speculation. Ridiculous! That's why I don't bother, rather wait to hear actual reveals.

gamedebater1536d ago

1.WiiU controller is horrible
2.They need to bundle REAL controller into WiiU Box
3. Announce Smash Bundle

TripC501536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I like the Wii U gamepad. I like the bundle idea. Bundle a custom controller with next smash.

aimforthehead1536d ago

A lot of people like it, but not enough. Most find it to be gimmicky. Its the number one reason I'm not buying a Wii u, that and games. I don't want 10 controllers sitting around for my wii u because they can't come out with a standard simple controller. I don't care for the tablet experience, and if that's their main selling point no thanks.

-Foxtrot1536d ago

" Bundle a custom controller with next smash "

Gamecube styled controller FTW :)

gamedebater1536d ago

So many Disagrees allow me to rephrase.

The WiiU gamepad by itself is bad bc most games are MULTIPLAYER hence we need more controllers per bundle.

Those little stick (wii) controllers are horrible.

WiiU with gamepad + Smash + 2 spare controllers = win.

Concertoine1536d ago

What? The ps4 and xbone only come with one controller, why would you expect them to give you a 50 dollar controller for free?

gamedebater1536d ago

Because the WiiU by itself is too expensive. You need to buy more controllers. For the main reason why you are buying it. MULTIPLAYER. PS4 and Xbone are ONLINE games and most games dont have couch co-op.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1536d ago

ever heard of Wii U pro controller

GordonKnight1536d ago

You may not have to buy a new controller for your PS4 & X1, but you do have to pay $50-$60 to play online though.

weekev151536d ago

FYI WiiU pro controller FTW. Dont know what im talking about? Google it.

gamedebater1534d ago

Again for those with brains made of jello.

WiiU gamepad by itself is pointless when most games are to be played MULTIPLAYER. BUNDLE THE WiiU pro controller INTO THE CONSOLE AND KEEP THE PRICE DOWN.

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