Oculus Researching VR Hand-Tracking Control, CCP Reveals

VRFocus - CCP Games has revealed that Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset makers Oculus VR are researching hand-tracking controls for use in VR experiences. The company revealed as much during a VR videogame design developer roundtable at this year’s EVE Fanfest event in Reykjavik, Iceland. The talk was centered around the team’s upcoming VR exclusive title EVE: Valkyrie for both the Oculus Rift on PC and Project Morpheus VR headset on PlayStation 4.

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amnalehu1542d ago

It actually seems strange to me that this was not one of the very first things they did. The ability to see your hand in the VR space seems pretty important.

ThanatosDMC1542d ago

They had to research Farmville first and how to press Like and Poke.

Shnooze1542d ago

That joke doesn't really make much sense.

Clover9041542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

@Shnooze Nor is it funny. Troll somewhere else ThanatosDMC.

alexkoepp1542d ago

Partner with Microsoft, tech already exists and its in millions of homes already.

Pandamobile1542d ago

Kinect isn't fast enough or accurate enough for a VR environment (yet)

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serratos271542d ago

Sony's Project Morpheus had that covered with their motion controllers. Would be a bit humorous if they hadn't realized how important a controller would be until Sony's VR reveal lol. Though I doubt it.

Clover9041542d ago

Oh, I'm sure Oculus knew. It's not like Oculus was sitting on their hands. They have been consistently making progress on the headset. If Oculus could get something to track hands as well as Leap, that would be incredibly impressive. Obviously it would have to track your hand in a much wider area than just over the sensor, but it's a start.

specialguest1542d ago

Project Morpheus has the advantage on this feature. The PS camera tracks the Move or any device that emits the led light very close to 1:1. If Sony wants to develop a more complex VR hand, it might be possible to create a glove with leds on the tip of each finger to track finger movements.

starchild1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

I've thought for a long time that tracking gloves you wear would be a great solution.

Clover9041542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

This is definitely up there in terms of fully immersing the player, but the very first thing that's required is definitely the headset itself, which Oculus is still tweaking. It's already blowing people's hair back, but the thing keeps getting better and better. Oculus has said that the next big challenge for VR is nailing down an input device, since a controller can break "Presence".

"In fact company founder Palmer Luckey labeled input ‘the next big obstacle’ for VR back in March 2014."

The VR is already so good that one of the first things that people do when trying Oculus Rift is try to look at their hands. Having hand tracking would be a huge step in VR, but the headset needs to as perfect as possible first.

ninjahunter1542d ago

That would be cool. I can imagine quite a few ways this would work out. Want to melee? PUNCH THAT GUY! Wanna open that chest? FALLLCCCOOOONNN PPUUNNNCCHHHHH!

starchild1541d ago

Wow, that guy massively freaked out. lol

SegaGamer1541d ago

That was brilliant. Seeing that actually makes me more excited for this thing. If it can make it feel that real then it must be really cool.