Dragon Age: Inquisition Gay Romances Controversy

David Gaider says Bioware is not backing away from supporting queer gamers.

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Gunstar751537d ago

Is this still controversial?

Dlacy13g1537d ago

I wish they would just do away with the "romance" altogether as it adds little value to the Bioware games.

beachgirl3241537d ago

Yeah half the time the only reason I start a new play through is to go through a romance. I love the romances.

Spinal1537d ago

Seriously? The game is not even out yet. I'll wait to play it before I start screaming rabble rabble.

SilentNegotiator1537d ago

"Seriously? The game is not even out yet"

Bioware probably orchestrated this "controversy" by making sure to post the right materials and making sure it got to the right people.

Dlacy13g1537d ago

Let me expand on my thought. I don't have an issue with Gay people or those of other ethnic back ground or disabilities. My issue with any of Biowares "romances" is they always feel like they are put into the game for no other reason than to say they "have them in game". They don't play any part of the actual plot of the story and there is no importance to any one characters romantic feelings toward your character. It never matters who you pick to romance...other than an acheivement/trophy.

osprey191537d ago

Oh come on! They have to cater for each sexuality if they plan to do romance storylines.

spartanlemur1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Subjective comment. Think of twenty random movies and let me know how many *don't* have a romantic subplot or two.

For the people out there who aren't in a happy relationship, are over ten years old or prefer deep, meaningful games over CoD/FIFA, romances can be a very enjoyable and interesting part of the game.

I honestly wouldn't buy Dragon Age games if they didn't feature such romances for more than £5. Without them, they're shallow refuse to me, much like Kingdoms of Amalur.

Dlacy13g1536d ago

@spartenlemur the difference is the romances in those movie plots actually has a bearing on the narrative vs the romances that Bioware makes which have no bearing on plot or impact the main character in any reasonable way outside of being some side quest for a trophey or achievement. People older than 10yrs old should be able to easily see how paper thin the romantic options are in Bioware games.

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nope1111537d ago

There are people still unable to accept gays in 2014. Sad really.

Applejack1537d ago

I see what you mean. I personally don't agree with it, but I accept the fact that people can choose what they want.

Salooh1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

There are people despite knowing it's a mistake and sick in every side they convert it to something normal and make the people who against it bad. Sad really

You see what i did there ?. Your comment is your opinion but don't hate people who lived against this for hundreds of years. Movies just recently brainwashed you and made it seem like it's acceptable.

I can feel sad for you too for having NO boundary .

Hope this is not offensive , if it is then ban me lol. I try my best to avoid words that makes you sensitive and get me banned xP . But that's what i feel when people bring the subject.

frostypants1537d ago

@14Feb-R, people also used to think slavery was acceptable for thousands of years. By your standards I guess we can assume that you're upset that it's considered unethical today.

Salooh1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Nope , my people thought slavery is a bad thing for more then hundreds of years too ^^ . I'm not upset :) . Because i know more bad things will be normal. I'm accepting that fate But i'm not giving up because that will harm us, trying my best to advice and avoid these things from my people :P

Our point of view if something have more bad then good then it's not acceptable ;). It's for the good of all people. All creatures. And most important is GOD will .

I don't mind if you people think it's ok but i don't feel comfortable that you demand us to be more open when you are not open to our thinking too :P .

Just my opinions , my facts , my side . Hope it's not offensive but that's how we see it here. I acknowledge yours but you need to do the same for us.

mike32UK1537d ago

@Applejack I don't think people actually 'choose' to be gay, they just are. Just as we don't choose to be straight, we just are

osprey191537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

u have hit the nail on the head mate, just prepare for usual backlash from any homophobes

osprey191537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

people have about as much choice to be gay as u do being left or right handed, u r born that way.
being against the idea that homosexuality isn't normal will soon be in the room of outdated thinking along side sexism and racism.
and i cannot open my mind to 'your thinking' as its immoral to not accept someone as equal just because they are not like you, and its often just religious dogma. That i cannot accept as correct.
maybe 50 years ago alot more people would agree with you. And its not through brainwashing or godlessness that causes it, its just the idea that we are all different, and that's ok.
u r different to me, that's ok. But if u cant accept the same thing, i dnt wanna hear it.
not that i cant accept a person with different views, i just dnt have to agree with u.

Lord_Sloth1537d ago

That's not it at all. There are still homosexual relationships in this game. Just not every character swings both ways as it is in the real world.

However, ask yourselves does being able to fondle the same piping change the game expertise any at all? Hell, if you couldn't romance anybody at all I'd still get, play, and love it. Why does gaming have to be a political battleground?

Salooh1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Good discussion but it can be better ^^ . We both should know our sides well then judge ^^.

I'm not accepting gay , because it's negative side is more then good. That's the reason , it's not that they are different then us or anything else you say . That's our standers and thinking. Hope you get it :) .

I don't believe that people are born straight or gay. That's not true at all because that decision comes after struggling of questioning the person to him self. These questions comes because of the environment and the way this person raised. If someone for example raised well he won't steal , it comes from a person who had issues with his understanding of life. So it's not natural , it's just like anything bad like stealing and killing with no reasonable reason.

My religion forbid it but it's not for nothing. The bad stuff that gay influence and do to society are well known. That's why it's forbidden. What i'm saying is that you judge us in the name of freedom but this kind of blind freedom lead to disasters to many people. If you accept it then that's your choice but i'm not. It's like asking me to raise my children to accept anything . That's how tooo open mind(sickness). Open mind would be logic where you prevent bad stuff. Gay is bad in our eyes. I'm not letting anyone in my people to be like that.

As long we are in peace we are ok with different opinions. Your society think it's ok then good for you but mine is not ok with it because we have reason not just religion forbid it. My religion = logic and reality . There are things we don't understand and that's where religion protect us from. For example eating pigs is forbidden and people were saying we are crazy but science now showed that it's bad . This is just one example ^^ . Hope you get my side this time lol

LetoAtreides821537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

@14Feb, Even if a person were raised by the perfect family that person can still end up doing bad things. Jeffrey Dahmer was never abused yet he turned out to be a monster.

AgentSmithPS41537d ago

@14Feb-R "Movies just recently brainwashed you and made it seem like it's acceptable."
What brainwashed you into thinking it's acceptable to tell two or more consenting adults what they can or can't do with each other? Humans of all types can be dangerous and disease ridden so be careful who you play with.

I can't blame the movies, maybe it was the internet that made me want to be a shapeshifter that could turn into an attractive lesbian with a retractable penis.

spartanlemur1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

There's a big difference between treating homosexuals as equals and putting them up on a pedestal as betters.

If you look at the numbers, and take an open mind in trying to be fair to everyone, you'll realise that these claims have zero merit, and that just one LGBT romance option is a gift (5% of the population were born homosexual, which means one in twenty party members would be if they used real world stats; there is no reason to change this number)

Yes there are homophobic people in this world, but there are also social justice zealots. I am not homophobic, but then I suppose supporting genuine mathematical fairness in the modern world gets you branded "homophobic" or worse.

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SilentNegotiator1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

It is in the land of media.

On one hand you have talking heads that dive headfirst into material they already know will offend them. On the other, you have groups that call "homophobia" if someone farts next to a gay person. And lastly, stories like this have a certain shock value to them, so all of media is glad to hop aboard.

SaturdayNightBeaver1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Leaves me with impression that most people are interested in in-game romances more than , you know.. Dragon Age 3 :) Pretty sad that this is even news.

Belasco1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Agreed, why is this still a thing? On a side note, I really dislike romance of any sort in my games, their are other ways to become attached to characters.

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powney911537d ago

I'm glad they're sticking to their guns. They're creating a system where a character can romance any gender, if that's what an individual player chooses to do. The fact that someone can be angry at that is astonishing.

Sly-Lupin1537d ago

Well, a fraction of that anger can be justified by how poorly Bioware implements romances. Hamfisted writing aside, they consistently err by making NPCs initiate romance with the player, rather than the reverse.

Baka-akaB1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

I dont mind sticking to their guns , but if anything , gays and heteros alike should be baffled at the way it was handled , and how Gaider keeps pretending bigotry is the only issue and source of complaints .

In DA2 , Anders would come at you worse than the most flirtatious and free spirited women of the game . He'd be very insistant , turning almost all conversation into a matter of courtship , and then be mad at you for not answering favorably , even when polite , to his crap .

Why such grievance from any gender and character , when as specified , it's an optional content ?

Ratty1537d ago

Yeah Anders was really annoying about that. He was annoying about a lot of other things as well. A bit too much of a drama queen in DA2 if you ask me. Much preferred him in Awakening. I know what happened between the games but it was still lame to so drastically change his personality because of that.

Myze1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I can agree somewhat about Anders (I think if you are in a relationship with someone else, and tell him no a couple of times, he stops, and it's not that bad), he is definitely my least favorite character in DA2. I actually like most of the characters in DA2, even if the game was just average, especially compared to the first. I would not have had that big of a problem with Anders being so whiny and annoying if he wasn't probably the most useful character in the game besides Hawke.

As for the romance thing, I don't really care about some of the characters being gay, as long as it's not more than, say, one per gender, otherwise it would feel like a forced situation. Also, I agree with most that the relationships in DA1 and 2 were all pretty much useless, with a couple of exceptions like a fond statement during the story instead of friendly statement. However, I don't really understand people feeling so strongly about getting rid of romances all together, since it's INCREDIBLY easy to ignore them altogether. They just need to make them feel more organic, and less like another side-mission or completely pointless, if they want to do it. Maybe something like a special ability if that character is your lover (to go along with the special ability for friend vs rival). Also, maybe tie in the relationship to the storyline in a much bigger way (mainly the ending). However, I think the reason they DON'T have anything really special is because they don't want the player to feel like they have to follow a relationship path.

Dlacy13g1537d ago

@powney91, but what importance to the game does the romance play? So far Biowares track record shows the romance is merely an achievement/trophy pop and nothing more. I would say the vast majority of people do the romance for the cheap thrill they think they may get in the climax of the romance thread or they do it because an achievement is tied to it. They have yet to prove the "romances" truly add anything to the actual story.

-Foxtrot1537d ago

"Queer" gamers

God I hate that word...just say Gay or homosexual.

elninels1537d ago

Yes, thank you. "queer gamers" Is definitely not a good way to reference people.

HarryMasonHerpderp1537d ago

Yes it's actually gay or homosexual. Saying Queer is offensive.

Mikefizzled1537d ago

I'd have written 'same sex relationships' personally. Less stigma attached to it.

extermin8or1537d ago

Alternatively ypu cpuld just say "gamers".... I'd fall into the heterosexual catagory but I dont see what the relevance of which way you go really is... its meant to be optional if you want to make it part of the story then have it in the questions your character always gets asked at the start of rpgs like this. Depending on which way you answer decides whether or not the character that is involved for your story is male or female... simple really. They write all these other story branches would one like that be so hard? Keeps everyone happy this way...

AgentSmithPS41537d ago

It's quite queer, the peculiar power some words hold over particular people. I'm not offended by any word unless it's being used to 'attack' someone that can't avoid it.

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SLUG1537d ago

we do not need this trash in games having this in games adds the value of games really looks bad
people just want a clean and good game
if we want real sex we just have sex with are wife not from a video game MY GOD THEIR ARE KIDS OUT THERE

nope1111537d ago

Not sure if serious......

Baka-akaB1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

If serious what is your kid even doing with DA2 in their hands , even if there is worse ? And if it was for you , then pick a time and place where they can't see the game .

Majin-vegeta1537d ago

The fact that this series is rate "M" for "Mature".Kids should be the last thing playing this game.

AgentSmithPS41537d ago

Thank you for the laugh.

Sex of all kinds in games is good clean fun, no mess, no disease, no kids reducing your gaming time, etc ;).


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Drithe1537d ago

I'm not buying this game. I don't want ROMANCE in my game. Gay stuff either for that matter since I am not gay. I didn't think they needed the sex scenes in God of War either though.

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