What if Kingdom Hearts III became darker?

NOTE: This article has plenty of spoilers from the Kingdom Hearts series and possibly Final Fantasy VII. If you have not played every game in the series – especially Dream Drop Distance – you should not read this!

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TheObserver1566d ago

With Disney? Cold day chance in hell.

colonel1791566d ago

Actually, the secret ending of KH2 which was the announcement of KH:BBS was the darkest in the franchise. Also, In KH3, Sora and friends are going to be older, and the story will be about dark and light, so I do except a darker story.

Now, darker doesn't mean God of War or anything like that, but if could be the first KH rated Teen, just like how happened with Zelda Twilight Princess.

young juice1566d ago

it would also make sense since all the og kingdom hearts fans have all grown up

LAWSON721566d ago

@young juice

Sure we have but that does not mean there is not a kid deep down inside of us that wants some of that Disney magic, lol

crxss1564d ago

"What if kingdom hearts got less confusing"

AiirJordann231566d ago

damn near everthing from disney is dark look at these disney movies

LAWSON721566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

The games are already kind of dark, except for the Disney worlds (Halloween Town in KH1 had a pretty good darker atmosphere). I guess eventhough the story is kind of dark the overall atmosphere most of the time is not really dark.

Locations like Traverse Town, Hollow Bastion (castle in KH1 in some areas), and all those end worlds gave off a pretty dark vibe. Traverse Town felt like a lost town taken over by the heartless, and was sort of a refuge for those without a world making it seem even darker, like seriously that was the best place for them to go sounds like a great universe to live in.

Kurisu1566d ago

I really think that with KHIII Square Enix should start introducing Disney Pixar Universes. I think the graphics for Pixar Universes would be more suited to PS4 and Xbox One because they could really try and push some boundaries. Of course we wouldn't want to be without Mickey, Donald, Goofy etc but it would be nice if things were mixed up a bit. Plus I really want Russell from Up in my party xD

AceBlazer131566d ago

Avoided reading the article to avoid any spoilers, thanks for the heads up, so I'm commenting off the games I know about.

I always thought the KH games had some darkness to them, but not the obvious 'someone I care about just died' type of darkness. More along a subtle ' Your life is so messed up' type of darkness. You analyze the characters situations and you just think "I feel sorry for you".

LAWSON721566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

"More along a subtle ' Your life is so messed up' type of darkness. You analyze the characters situations and you just think "I feel sorry for you"."

This is exactly what I was thinking when it comes to the darker themes in KH.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1566d ago

BBS was pretty dark I felt sorry for all 3 characters they all got screwed. No happy ending other than the hope Sora will save them. If KH3 has something similar happen where a few characters get screwed ill be ok.

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