Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - First Official Details Emerge

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the next COD title developed by Sledgehammer Games. Amazon has launched the pre-order pages for this new Call of Duty game, revealing the first official details about it.

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cfc781236d ago

Im 50/50 on what's been showed so far not sure on the energy weapons good to have a choice though always the best way,won't pre-order just yet to early need to see more details.(still hoping for some dinos in the side game pre-order would be guaranteed if that happens)

Palitera1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

I'm 1/99.

I loved every CoD up to CoD6, but, from that game on, every entry seems to be a lot worse than its predecessor.

So, without seeing the game, my bet would be this will be the worst CoD ever made, even "topping" the atrocious CoDwhatevernumberithasnow (Ghosts).

The theme, though, is interesting to me. I know it will once again be a proud-and-dumb-american-Hollyw ood script, as it has always been, but maybe the SP can be somewhat decent.

The MP, on the other hand... Now that we have playable BF on consoles, I see no reason to look forward to it.

Aleithian1236d ago

I personally enjoy the approach taken to the stories in CoD and BF. I know it's over-the-top Hollywood and a typical mix of cynicism and "America, F%&k yeah!". But what can I say - it's an enjoyable ride in first person.

That said, I agree about your BF point. I don't get the love CoD MP gets when the BF option is out there. Unless people enjoy the more intimate experience of CoD's MP. Like KZ: Shadow Fall, it's small scale and perhaps demands more skill than BF. I don't really know.

Giul_Xainx1235d ago

The only call of duty I liked was cod4mw. I went back to counter strike.

aksmashh1236d ago

Creative name!! /s

Cloaking, boost jumping! Sounds a lot like crysis!

ShockUltraslash1236d ago

Why not Modern Ghosts? or Ghost Ops?

Heisenburger1236d ago

Advanced Ghosts.

"What does that even mean?"

Advanced. Ghosts.

-Foxtrot1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

I bet EA counters either this year or next with Battlefield 2142 or something like it.

Bennibop1236d ago

Or Star Wars battlefront!

Shnooze1236d ago

A decent remake of 2142 is something that should definitely happen.

Odrahlag1236d ago

Kevin Spacey is the Only reason I'm considering playing the Campaign

Thatguy-3101236d ago

The trailer is so well put together. The story actually sounds cool. Hopefully it's taken serious. The presentation of the game looks amazing too so I'm hoping the story has more depth than the previous installments. Imagine the experience if the campaign mode was actually taken serious. Let's hope they are going that route. I'm actually excited for a COD title this time around. It's from curiosity more than anything though.

Aleithian1236d ago

Agreed. Anarcho-capitalism is much better.

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