First Details: Madden NFL 15

GoodGameBro writes, "Whether all the information we’ve seen already about Madden NFL 15 from EA SPORTS was intended to be released or not, with under four months until the game’s August 26th, 2014, release date, fans of the most popular sports league in the USA now have an early taste of what to expect. The game’s first official “trailer,” combined with updates to the official EA SPORTS title site and a leaked product description at GameStop’s website, paint a picture of a game which builds upon the defensive showcase on display in this past February’s Super Bowl performance by the Seattle Seahawks."

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BillytheBarbarian1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Pffft. Same hype every year for minimal upgrades on same ass game play since 2001. It's always the best madden ever then 3 months later reviewers get honest and mention the declining quality of madden. Done with that rollercoaster ride.

...they're upgrading defense? No that means line backers can jump 15 ft and intercept everything like 13.

JeffGUNZ1607d ago

I could care less about this game, but I am dying for a true next gen NHL game.

Akuma2K1607d ago

I agree with you billy.....not falling for the hype this time around like I did last year with next gen madden25 when they kept showing the RGIII trailer portraying that the game would like that when it never did....not to mention not releasing any gameplay footage at all and gamers had to find out how the gameplay was until they purchased it. E3 can't get here fast enough, after the superbowl 2ksports said we would here more about 2k football in june (most likely E3)and I can't wait to hear them announce the return of NFL2K15.....30 days to go.

BillytheBarbarian1607d ago

I'd take anything from any company untied to Tiburon.

2k football would be great. Even another APF but let the community customize it completely.

iceman061607d ago

That reminds me of the "Future of Madden" trailers from the PS3/360 era. We have STILL not seen graphics anywhere close to that and it's been about 8 years since that trailer. As for 2K, I more than welcome that reveal. Fingers crossed, they will be back. Maybe then, Madden will stop resting on their laurels and do something, aside from cherry pick 2K for features, and I can stop buying Madden every year just to get my NFL fix.

Psychotica1607d ago

I wish they would bring back a simple season mode like they used to have. I just want to pick a team and play for a championship that's it, no managing player contracts, ticket prices etc etc.

sourav931607d ago

I enjoyed Madden 25 on the PS4. Was my first ever Madden game and that I'm British, American football isn't much of a thing here. I did manage to win the Super Bowl with the Patriots without losing a single game in the whole season and the playoffs on pro difficulty. I'm happy with that. Let's see what Madden 15 brings to the table, but I doubt I'd be getting it, unless it's revolutionary.

Heisenburger1607d ago

See now I'm American and this year I had bought my first football(soccer) game. I bought it on a whim, I must say. The sport is absolutely fascinating, and it's incredible how many things these athletes are thinking about at any given time.

The only sport I watch is baseball. But I'm looking forward to possibly giving Madden a chance "next year".

I've never been a sports games fan, but there's something special about playing cooperatively with a friend.

iceman061607d ago

Respect for football (soccer) from an American!?! LOL I, too, am American. But, I grew up playing soccer and fully understand the demands of the game and it's worldwide appeal. That being said, I also must say that I love most sports games. I think it's the ability to get in and get out at your leisure that helps. When life gets busy, but you still want to play games, these games can give you 30 min. - 1 hr of game play and allow you to walk away. Whereas, at least for me, most other games actually get me hooked and I end up spending WAY more time that I thought I would...or SHOULD for that matter.

ShowanW1607d ago

Another Madden that won't compare to the now 10yrs old NFL2K5.

kalkano1607d ago

I have one major question:

Can I finally watch CPU vs CPU in my offline franchise games (and for ANY game)? If not, I'll keep playing Madden '12.