Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Spider-Man

VRFocus - The city is your playground. You swing from about freely, feeling every fall and rise, stunned office workers falling off their seats as you glide past windows 30 stories up and cling to the underbelly of a stone gargoyle, New York City forever stretching down below you, the tiny cars mechanical going about their business. You swing past an alley way and spot a mugging. It takes effortless moments to deal with the situation; ricocheting off of walls like a human bullet as you slam your feet into the attacker’s legs. You point string up him with your own webs and take off again; all in a day’s work for your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man.

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AgentSmithPS41447d ago

I'd love a VR spider-man game as long it's amazing unlike what I've heard about the recent one.

DemonChicken1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

hmmm spiderman won't be bad.

But I think personally a ironman or hulk would absolutely take the cake xD

Surprised we haven't got a open world ironman game yet, I mean we had the hulk back in ps2 era and plenty of spideys