I Want Playstation to Be the Easiest Dev Platform, Says Sony's Boyes

Developer relations exec wants PS4 and Vita to be as accessible as possible.

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pwnsause_returns1394d ago

The PS brand is in good hands

ShinnokDrako1394d ago

Damn, i hate Boyes =P but... well, i guess he's doing fine with PS.

ShinnokDrako1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

I don't like him, he remembers me of a jester or something like that. Nothing about Sony/PS/whatever, i guess many people took it personal, counting the disagrees. Or the disagrees were about "he's doing fine with PS"?

Well, to be honest, "i don't like him", since "hate" is a bit strong. But i hated Don Mattrick, i couldn't stand that idiot.

SpiralTear1394d ago

I don't like him because he's not charismatic. He doesn't ever exert a sense of professionalism like Jack Tretton did. He acts like a kid in a lot of the interviews I've seen him in.

Tretton was proud of everything Playstation, but he was also incredibly humble. Even if he was marketing and advertising a system to me, I still felt like I was listening to an honest human being. Hell, even Yoshida, for all of his goofy tweets, is likable. His jokes are funny and I like his image because of it.

Boyes never emits a sense of humble professionalism nor is he funny to me. He doesn't sound proud; he sounds smug. He doesn't sound humorous; he sounds like he's trying too hard.

Farsendor11394d ago

this guys beat box skills is off the rails he is really good at it. one of the many reasons i think the guy is cool

Farsendor11394d ago

minimur12 not sure why people havent seen it yet but here is the link.

1:23:00 in the video it may take a min or 2 before he comes on stage but its close to that mark.

mkis0071394d ago

@ Farsendor

LMAO wow he is great at that! Tht video is funny btw.

iceman061394d ago

Okay...I don't know WHY I haven't seen that but that was some of the funniest stuff I've seen in a while!

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XiNarutoUzumaki1394d ago

Congratulations! It already is.

candy_mafia1394d ago

'I want the PS to be the easiest platform for devs'


I thought it was already :)

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771394d ago

It is! think about how much more easy they can make it developer
friendly. Yeah, it is easy to do games on! look at COD developers sledgehammer games, this game being lead to do on PS4 first because it's easy to develop, same goes with bungie with destiny. Imagine what new tools and technology will do it, even easier!

XxExacutionerxX1394d ago

Oh really... Go out and make a game on the Playstation 4, then let us know how easy it was.. (

candy_mafia1394d ago

hehe, that's totally funny!

..go make a PS4 game! i think I know what death driver 777 meant though :)

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