Bungie Shares Destiny Screenshots On Twitter, Reveals How to Unlock Beta

"You'll have one in a million chance to get a Destiny beta code free, so good luck."

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THamm1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Just pre order from Amazon and get one instantly. Heck even cancel you pre order after your receive.

Allsystemgamer1298d ago

How does amazon send you the code? Email?

KwietStorm1298d ago

They're not going to physically mail you a code.

Tidybrutes1298d ago

I never knew that, I buy all my stuff from and with them once you redeem the code you cant cancel your pre-order.

KwietStorm1298d ago

What kind of establishment does not let you cancel a pre-order.. Do you pay in full when you pre-order from there?

Tidybrutes1294d ago


You usually can cancel your pre-order, and no they take the money when the item is dispatched.

Its just in the case of Destiny in order to redeem your code you remove the option to cancel it.

I wonder what would happen if my card failed, although im a gold member on that site (Customers who spend £700+ a year) as I spend a lot of money on there so they tend to look after me anyway.

Patrick_pk441298d ago

This is what I did. I then activated the code on their website for Destiny and am awaiting for the PS4 beta code.

ramiuk11297d ago

i didnt get a code instantly,infact i still havent recieved mine.
i preordered months ago

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incendy351298d ago

I thought all us PS4 owners were getting the beta? We have to pre-order or get lucky?

LAWSON721298d ago

Preorder free on Amazon then get code pretty much instantly then cancel preorder (optional)

incendy351298d ago

Haha, I hadn't thought of that but I like it. Thanks. If I can pre-order digitally I would pre-order anyhow, but usually no reason to pre-order a digital game.

Xsilver1298d ago

lol i just did that :D

mafiahajeri1298d ago

Dude do you have cash in your account, I have gift card cash will they deduct that or can I pre order and cancel? For free?

LAWSON721298d ago

Amazon preorders do not get charged until the item is shipped until then you are charged nothing

Clown_Syndr0me1298d ago

Weird, I preordered both the X1 version and the PS4 version months back and never received any codes.

Madderz1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

So i just went on amazon to do this "free" preorder thing and i get to the checkout and it says total = $86.93" (dont know why im in the US site lol)

How do you do it for free?

EDIT: Oh so i just clicked pre order anyway, then through came my beta code and i cancelled my preorder. Happy days.

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JOEgolferG1298d ago

I got my code for free from a local retailer.

Applejack1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Same thing here. On launch day, Gamestop were giving out double sided posters and Destiny beta codes when you bought a ps4 from them.

bolharr22501298d ago

The Bungie page has been live for quite some time now, giving out free codes. I got one.

1298d ago
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