Mario Kart 8 Steelbook Edition Listed On Amazon Germany

A Mario Kart 8 Steelbook Edition has been listed on Amazon Germany's website, along with the Standard and Limited Edition models for Mario Kart 8.

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-Foxtrot1604d ago


How the f*** did these guys get an exclusive Steelbook, surely if it's on Amazon it would be for all Amazon sites.

Neonridr1604d ago

shame, I would love a steelbook. Nintendo doesn't do enough of them, the only ones I have are for NSMBU and for Skyward Sword.

-Foxtrot1604d ago

Nintendo dosen't do enough Steelbooks and collectors editions.

I'm impressed with the Mario Kart CE, not as what it contains it could of been better but the fact they seen to be taking notice.

Steelbooks from them would be amazing since their games house some fantastic artwork.