New Call of Duty trailer finally points to something different

ArabicGamers writes:

It's that time of the year again. A little earlier than planned we have our first Call of Duty trailer for the year. We already knew that Sledgehammer was making the latest game in the blockbuster franchise, but what we didn't know were any other details such as setting, time period, characters and a title.

We didn't know about Kevin Spacey.

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trywizardo1603d ago

i like the story so far , and the new toys are good too , i hope they remade the gameplay this time ....

jjind1602d ago

Sorry but I saw the trailer and I was not impressed. It looks like more of the same with some new gimmicks that's it

medman1602d ago

I agree with you...I'm just tired of call of duty overall. The annual installments really killed my anticipation for the franchise. I know they make money by releasing a game every year, but for me personally it takes away any excitement because you don't ever get a real chance to miss it. I think the new trailer looks interesting, but I'll wait to see how much of the future tech toys make it into multiplayer. Right now it's a no buy for me.