Sunset Overdrive to Be Revealed Next Week, Campaign is Single Player Only and "Huge"

OnlySP: Xbox One owners will finally get a look at what Sunset Overdrive is all about next week in the latest issue of Edge Magazine.

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Muerte24941418d ago

now we get a chance to see how well SP only games will do on Xbox One. Good luck, Insomniac.

Lawboy21418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

the game is not single player only...the title is misleading they are commenting on what was said on twitter...someone asked about the campaign and the director said the campaign/story is single player only

meaning there is no co op mode for the campaign

there is also another article confirming there is a co op mode and also a multiplayer (which was the teaser trailer from e3)

these tweets have gotten me excited because they just said the story is huge, not to mention that its open world...mind blown...cant wait to see gameplay footage...huge SP and open world that means tons of gameplay and there will be MP just much replay value

heres hoping for the best...

@ pockyking

did you read the post above mine...I was responding to what he said...evidently reading the title is misleading because it states in the article that only the campaign is single player only

@ pockykings(update edit)

its cool man I wasn't trying to throw anyone off...I just didn't want a number of comments stating the game was single player only...I also didn't want to offend the poster I was responding to

PockyKing1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Edit: Saw what you were seeing about the title, updated to fix that issue. Sorry about that!

Webbyy1418d ago

Yea, Good to know it's not only sp.. I hope it is good. I been looking out for this game since it was announced.

GarrusVakarian1418d ago

I know next to nothing about this game, so im looking forward to reading more about it, or hopefully seeing some gameplay. The trailer looked really fun, if it turns out anything like that i'll be happy. We need more 'fun' games these days. There are too many super serious games out.

No_Limit1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Actually, there still might be a chance that there will be co-op mode, maybe not in the campaign mode. James Stevenson, Community Lead at Insomniac Games, posted this response on Neogaf when he responded to one of the poster regarding the co-op.

Did We say no co-op?

Campaign/story is single-player.

There is multiplayer as well, as you saw in the E3 teaser....

Kribwalker1418d ago


Fun not serious game, Plants vs Zombies garden warfare is a blast for that. If you haven't picked it up yet you should. All the free DLC, and the absolutely insane amounts of customization will keep you playing. Not to mention it's only $39.99 in canada, don't know what it cost in the UK

And dead rising 3 was also just pure fun

GarrusVakarian1418d ago


Yeah, i have my eye on PvZ already, just waiting for it to hit £20 and it's mine.

UltimateMaster1418d ago

What is it?

Will Have Co-Op and SP Campaign and More
Campaign is Single Player Only and "Huge"

FanboyKilla1418d ago

Thanks for the info. Now we will get to see what a game with single player, co op, amd multiplayer does on xone. Lol but hurt

4Sh0w1418d ago

I'm glad it has multiplayer, if its done well it increases replay value alot. Can't wait to see some SP gameplay though, couch-co-op would be amazing, something this gen is severely lacking.

itBourne1418d ago

Meh, Insomniac has done nothing but disappoint me for the past 5 years or so, they not only killed the Resistance franchise but even made less then mediocre R&C games. I hope for you X1 owners it is different, just saying dont get your hopes to high.

Gotcha51417d ago

Yes this is true Single Player Campaign to be revealed next week and Multiplayer revealed at E3. This article is misleading?

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LexHazard791418d ago

Was there an issue with Single player games selling on Xbox platform to begin with? Sunset Overdrive looks like alot of fun tho. If its as good as R&C series i'll be very happy indeed.

itBourne1417d ago

I think it is kind of a common opinion that the general xbox crowd is the bro shooter type crowd. There usually isnt a wide diversity of exclusives, and the big games are bro shooters, like CoD, Gears, Halo, ect. The few you do see dont do to well, like Alan Wake. Maybe that will change though, I am sure MS will market Sunset Overdrive much better then Sony did for Insomniac (or any game for that matter).

Also many of the recent R&C games have not been very good, although I believe it is the team that did Crack in Time, not sure, which was a fantastic game.

Automatic791417d ago

These guys brought us Resistance loved that game on PS3. Hope Sunset Overdrive brings an excellent campaign and co op in the way insomniac is really known. Can't wait to here more.

ThatKanadianKid1418d ago

Now I'm excited for this. I was worried it'd be another multiplayer playground kind of game with no real point. Can't wait to see more!

Hands Up For Games1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

James Stevenson, the Insomniac Community & Marketing Manager had this to say on GAF:

Originally Posted by jstevenson

Did We say no co-op?
Campaign/story is single-player.
There is multiplayer as well, as you saw in the E3 teaser....

Originally Posted by jstevenson

Always was gonna get shown pre-E3. We just didn't know exactly when so it's been fluid.
We have tons of good stuff for E3 too though

Originally Posted by jstevenson

If there is one word this game IS NOT, that word would be "forgettable"

Now watch Dualshockers make an article out of my post making a comment out of James' post on GAF. :)

Cant bloody wait to see more on this, think its going to be an absolute riot!

PockyKing1418d ago

The next best site picked it up, Gearnuke. Ha.

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