5 Reasons Why Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Will Finally Change Everything

Here are the top 5 reasons why the next COD game will finally move on and give gamers something new.

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ritsuka6661601d ago

Wait... Wait..The franchise is old and has been for the past few years. If I want to play a cartoon I have plenty of far better looking options gamer right now ( Destiny, Evolve)

Move on, create something new.

Zombro1600d ago

I only made it to level 14 in ghost :( what a waste of money free cod ghost to a good home

christrules00411600d ago

I feel I've gotten my money out of because of the extinction mode. It's so crazy and fast paced fun that keeps me coming back for more.

RedDeadLB1599d ago

This article jumps the gun on the game. Sure, it seems interesting from the one single trailer we have, but nothing is proven still. Ghosts looked interesting the first time I saw it and it's shit, just like MW2, MW3 and WaW before it.

Black Ops I like. Not sure why, but I like it.

MrSwankSinatra1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Man I love how gamers talk shit about CoD year round, about how it's the same thing every year etc. Yet once a new one is announced you get this reaction "OMG it looks amazing!!!" Then they talk about how it's gonna finally change the series, but then once the game finally comes out you get this reaction "oh man this is the same as last year, I can't believe I bought this crap" then they go back to bashing CoD year round again until a new one is announced. I swear you people need a serious reality check because you fall into the same trap year in, year out. Oh and apparently throw all logic out the window because Kevin spacey is in the game. What a joke..... Lol

mhunterjr1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

I dunno man, I haven't been remotely interested in COD since MW2. Havent touched any of them since then, so I don't fall into the category as someone repeatedly falling into a trap. That said, this trailer as raised my eyebrows a bit, and it's the first to do so in a very long time.

MrSwankSinatra1601d ago

Dude I'm just like you haven't bought a CoD since MW2. What I was describing is just an observation. I just figure I speak on it because I've been continually seeing this trend for the last couple of years. People get mad at CoD not evolving yet they fall into the same trap again and again. It's really annoying to see people complain when they're part of the problem.

endzeitkind1600d ago

Well, iam one of those who has played any of the series, only cod1 and 2. Thats all... the followed parts was all the same for me and i think the next one will be the same too.

stuna11601d ago

I agree with you about people falling into the same trap, but in retrospect I do believe those same ones truly do hope and expect that things have changed! For example I didn't really start playing competitive multiplayer games until the last couple of years. Even though I brought my system at launch last gen, I never understood what was so special about multiplayer until I actually tried it myself, but the crazy thing about that is, I went completely overboard and overdosed on Call of Duty games! So in retrospect I kind of understand where some are coming from when they say that change with the series hasn't been progressive enough.

Clown_Syndr0me1600d ago

Youre so right. Im one of those people though. I enjoyed COD up until about MW3, yet I still buy it launch day hoping that its good!
BO2 was pretty good though. I will buy this but not got high hopes, hopefully Ill be pleasantly surprised!

BX811600d ago

I get every cod. There are things I hate and like about each one of them. Lol. I can hate on cod sometimes but nothing that has made me want to stop buying them.

Summons751600d ago

Its the same twisted logic why people break up and get back together in an unhealthy relationship. "Oh he/she is awful, a**hole, etc" breaks Up then 6 months later "oh he/she has changed, its going to be better" rinse repeat.

iceman061600d ago

Best analogy EVAR!!!! LOL

gedapeleda1600d ago

The brain has this software issue were you keep repeating yourself

theDivision1600d ago

I personally only bought CoD last year because it was one of the only games available for the PS4. I did not enjoy it and with all the more interesting games coming out (Destiny, Deep Down [hopefully], dying light, etc.) I am happy to say I won't need to purchase it. Perhaps if this one has zombies and the maps seem really good I may get it when the price drops.

CerebralAssassin1600d ago

I dont expect cod to ever reinvent the wheel. I expect to be entertaining and thats what I get out of it. I never expect this game series to break the mold. Its naive for anyone to think it will.

Patrick_pk441600d ago

Still looks like crap in my eyes. It will always remain as a Call of Duty game.

Matt6661600d ago

I haven't brought COD since WAW because it just started to go downhill after WAW because the developers got lazy and just started the copy and paste effort.

I hate blind fanboys who continue supporting the copy and paste effort because while they continue supporting the copy and paste effort the COD developers won't learn.

LonDonE1600d ago

Agreed its the very definition of insanity! doing the same shit again and again expecting shit to change!

I for one dont see what other people see, for me the trailer looked like the same old crap all over again.
The graphics still looked static, flat textures with no realism, the story looked generic as hell, the lighting looked like the same old pre baked crap, the particle effects looked like the same old recycled effects i.e the explosions,fire etc all look the same.
Seriously what are people seeing that i am not?

When will we get a true next gen cod with a true next gen engine? with new fresh game play mechanics? the way i see it BF4 on PS4/X1 even with all its problems is still by far the best online fps game to date on consoles! 64 players, 60 frames a second frame rate, with destruction, vehicles and huge maps is untouchable for other shooters! until cod can up their game and catch up or one up battlefield they will never compare!

Mr Tretton1600d ago

"Man I love how gamers talk shit about CoD year round, about how it's the same thing every year etc. Yet once a new one is announced you get this reaction "OMG it looks amazing!!!""

You realize these aren't the same people?

hellzsupernova1600d ago

I have never bought a cod game. However this one by far looks the best! I have not played through a cod since black ops.

I love everything about this game so far. They have a real voice actor playing the bad guy? Suits that make you jump and boost around to suits that make you a battle tank.

Seriously looks like fun, in assailing all that I still probably won't buy this one

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Zizi1600d ago

Well, let us agree to disagree.

Goro1600d ago

Ask the admins, maybe they can get that feature implemented.

djplonker1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

If its still no where near the quality (lol I know) of battlefield.... I dont care.

32 v 32 with massive maps and driveable vehicles plus destruction


9 v 9 small maps boring killstreaks and no destruction

And thats not mentioning stuff like in battlefield your bullet travels and drops over time and in cod you press the trigger and the bullet instantly travels into what you are shooting!

Trunkz Jr1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

I'd like to see a new company's take on Battlefield (rather than another MoH), DICE messed up 4 with Network coding and ppl blame EA for rushing them to get it out the door, yet 6 months later and here we are... Killing a player who killed you as well with 0 health.

djplonker1600d ago

I am hoping ea will stop rushing dice to get battlefield out before call of duty and just let them take their time... not going to happen though!

Npugz71600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

I know visceral games is making a spinoff of battlefield that were suppose to see at E3 this year! Here's hoping that it's a kick ass game! I love BF4 now that it's working!

hellzsupernova1600d ago

Cod is not battlefield. They are two different games move on.

Summons751600d ago

Delusional cod fans holding in to the dream this cod will actually change. there are support groups for these kind of abusive relationships, you're not alone you can get help

quenomamen1600d ago

Lol, but Bobby " brillo head" Kotick loves me, he really does !
-puts ice pack on black eye.

These morons are the definition of delusional.

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