Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer deconstructed

Lazygamer deconstructs the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer to give us some insight into what we can expect when the title releases later this year

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moonstormer1568d ago

Nice breakdown - amazing what you can see frame by frame. seriously hope they make Kevin Spacey look better, though!

GavinMannion1568d ago

I seriously doubt he's going to be improved from this heavily prepped reveal trailer

dale_denton1568d ago

it's shown on the xbone.. should look better on ps4 of course.

ElleGee1568d ago

Dude classes up everything he's in. consider me intrigued.

Mikelarry1568d ago

Nice article, yeah I thought the "insider" tidux said the next COD Sony was going to be the leading platform guess you can always count on MS deep pockets

neocores1568d ago ShowReplies(1)
hollabox1568d ago

Looks good, but I hope Activision pay TriStar some money, I thought it was the video game adaptation of Elysium. Anywho this will be my first Call of Duty game since Modern War 3.

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