PS Fourgasm: or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bread Bin

GamingLives' Editor-in-Chief tells of how, after years of dedicated Xbox gaming, he has shifted over to the PlayStation camp... but still doesn't understand fanboyism.

"When friends spoke of their love for the PlayStation 3, it fell upon deaf ears. To get a rise out of them, we’d often refer to our own PS3 as a “bread bin” or a “dust bunny” and even joked about opening it up and turning it into a toasted sandwich maker, which I believe someone eventually did, if memory serves. It wasn’t that we didn’t like the PS3 although, to be honest, I had to use one at E3 a few times and really didn’t like the feel of the controller – it was too light and… smooth. Far too smooth. But it was never hatred. I’ve never hated the thought of playing on any particular console… until now."

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NewMonday1606d ago

"..I doubt that an Xbox One will ever find its way into my home. Not because I think the PlayStation 4 is a better machine, or that I still hate the way Microsoft went about everything with this generation, but because if the PS4 already does everything that I could possibly want it to do… why look elsewhere?"

sums it up

johndoe112111606d ago

"Somewhere along the way, Microsoft reached a demonic hand into my chest cavity, ripped out my heart, pissed on it, rolled it in shite, and shoved it back in upside down. Every single thing they announced about the Xbox One, and the way they regarded their loyal customers, was exactly the opposite of what I’d hoped for from them".

This basically sums it up for me.

Why o why1605d ago

There have been many defectors heading to the ps4 than the opposite. Ms will have lost many ex loyalists because of what they attempted. You see, for some people, what ms tried was enough for them to leave the brand despite the fact they didn't carry their plans through. It could take a whole generation for some to forgive them especially since there's a viable alternative that's cheaper and better suited for this newer gen.

joab7771605d ago

And the sad thing is that they had it in their hands. And then one day someone noticed that more ppl used their 360 for Netflix than anything else...and that was it. Add to it that MS has another division that makes OS' s for PC's, and it was inevitable that the xbone would be an entertainment device first and foremost.

tgunzz1605d ago

There is no wrong choice here (imho), both these systems are on track to highlight some great gaming, and entertainment experiences... I go with all, because no matter what functionality they posses, having access to there great games is what I need for my arcade experience to take place. Right now I cycle titan fall, infamous, donkey kong, and ryse (with a little of nba 2k14 (due to playoffs), with many more on the horizon... If your choice is xb1, or ps4, or wiiu (or any combination), you will be in for another great gen of gaming...