Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Official Trailer Confirms Cross-Gen Game; Official Site In-Progress

GearNuke: "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare details might have leaked online but people might be wondering if it is exclusive to current gen or will be released on the previous gen as well. According to the official trailer, there is indeed an Xbox 360 version of the game, that is going to be released alongside the Xbox One version."

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LightDiego1568d ago

Soon they will release it for IOS.

ZodTheRipper1568d ago

Yep, not interested anymore. Seems like Assasin's Creed gets my holiday money this year, what am I buying a next gen console for?!

XxExacutionerxX1567d ago

I feel like this is an Aprils Fool Joke

Gamer19821567d ago

Just silly as last gen holds back games now.. They wouldn't kill all those sales though as this is Activision and COD is there cash cow.

VoiceMale1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

@ ZodTheRipper because the possibility is there that it could be on last gen makes it a not worth getting??????

Watch dogs will be on Wii u am guessing ur not getting that either.... with ur mind set all games developed as the lead platform being pc should not be made for consoles.... wow

@Gamer 1982 How can last gen hold back games??? Ps2 thrived well after ps3 was released not because new systems are out it makes the old ones irrelevant...


Lord-Nicon1568d ago

At least it seems that finally COD is making its way to the next-gen, graphically speaking.

Septic1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Ah ffs...

I'm getting tired of cross-gen stuff. Seriously. It just holds back the next-gen titles. COD:AW looks impressive but the gameplay itself will suffer from far more restrictions than it would if it was a next-gen only title.

Time to leave the old gen behind devs. Embrace next-gen fully. Go all in.

torchic1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

apart from the graphics, there's nothing really that can't be done on current-gen that will be done on next-gen.

Call of Duty is 100% all about the gameplay, so Advanced Warfare being on current-gen should not be one of the immediate concerns for the game.

we want a fresh, exciting, long-lasting MP, that's all we want.

Daniel_Potter1568d ago

Lets take Battlefield 3 for example
Last gen, the maps were cropped and the player cap was only 24 players

Last gen is holding us back

Baka-akaB1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )


Of course it's holding COD back . Take the ex destruction of backgrounds and elements already . People want to believe it's not there because of balance issues , something cod hasnt bothered to get right in ... forever .

You can bet that the moment they can safely ditch the ps3 and 360 base , then magically less scripted destruction migh magically pop in , and not be considered a map balance and gameplay balance issue

HaydenJameSmith1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Considering the Batmobile alone in Arkham Knight (a next gen title) can take up the memory space of almost a whole 360 game and was deemed impossible to achieve on last gen consoles there is definetly a lot more they can do if they make a game for next gen and pc only...

But companys like EA, Ubi and Activsion would rather make continued money of 360 and PS3 (cause bigger user base) than push there games to Next Gen Only...

The 360 and PS3 are holding Next Gen back...

dodgemoose1568d ago

More sales, more money. They're a business. Deal with it.

Chrischi19881568d ago

Funny that you guys say it that way, because console gaming is holding back PC gaming now for almost 4 years now. So maybe you should stop complaining, just because you chose to be an early adopter. As of right now, the install bases of all the new consoles are way to small, to make games only for them.

torchic1568d ago

you guys are talking afterthoughts; destructable environments, map size, player count, "batmobiles"...

I'm talking pure gameplay mechanics. that should be priority #1 in the Advanced Warfighter development studio as we haven't had much change in the last 7 years.

trust me, you give the masses curren-gen features like 18-man combat in normal sized maps and upgraded graphics, but with completely new, fresh & addictive gameplay, people will come flooding back to CoD.

things like higher player counts, destructible environments, vechiles etc. would definitely enhance the experience no doubt but at the same time those are Battlefield characteristics, and if you want them in your FPS then you should play Battlefield (not knocking Battlefield btw I play Battlefield now gave up on CoD a long time ago)

porkChop1568d ago

Gonna have to agree. And if there's one franchise that would sell LOADS of current gen consoles it would be COD. Hopefully next years COD is current gen only. Though I do think Advanced Warfare looks really good and sounds interesting compared to Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

Baka-akaB1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )


All of those are gameplay mechanics and affect gameplay .

i'm just saying i dont believe for a sec , activision is "satisfied as it is" . They are making due with what's possible each game given engine and consoles limitations .

We've seen it before , a few mechanics that "brings nothing" "or breaks the game" according to a few apologists fans , and then suddenly they are happy it's there , "it belongs" .

I'm not about turning Cod into battlefield or something else , take Titan fall , i'm not even asking for destruction there , it can indeed be more troublesome with the game's nature and balance , on top of tech issues . But i dont believe it's the same with some of the features and cod .

esemce1567d ago

You think Activision are going to turn down a potential 160+m of last gens customers' revenue ?

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Aceman181568d ago

It seems decent enough not gonna jump on the hype wagon like majority of the CoD fans do. Needs to show me a lot more to really get me interested.

Giantbomb821568d ago

You should be a big Cod fan. Ghost's featured Superman (Brandon Routh) This year Lex Luthor (K. Spacey) Maybe next year will have H. Cavill and A. Adams in the game.

Matt6661568d ago

Zzzz what I feel asleep watching that, it just looks like all the other COD's.

Gamer19821567d ago

No it will be same as the last one it will be once again a last gen engine with HD textures..

Muffins12231567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Honestly when they showed the vehicles and the grenade it got my attention more than other cods do,never bought a cod since black ops 1. This might be the first one ill buy in awhile.Plus this one had a 3-dev year cycle and I think it shows compared to the other 2 year dev cycle cod no way im saying this game will be amazing but it looks like it changed more,maybe its because of the graphic jump but it seems to catch my attention gameplay/story wise a lot more than other cod games.

mogwaii1567d ago

Are you on crack?! It looks like that put a bit more shine on top of the old greywash COD engine. Very dissapointing, pales in comparison to BF4.

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Meltic1568d ago

KNEW it.... i really hope it wont come to the ps3 and x360. Let that generation go now !. Concentrate on a very good graphically game with new graphic Engine for the next gen and PC.

Pillsbury11568d ago

It's cod... You know the one that has recycled engines for the past 10 years?

Muffins12231567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

You could almost say the same for Battlefield.It uses the same engine,just upgraded and revamped each battlefield game. Only thing they do is hype it more and slap a new name on it...frostbite 3.....frostbite 4...its enough to deceive people like you. Granted its a bigger upgrade than mw3,black ops 2,etc. but then again bf does not come out on a yearly basis so I would expect more change with each bf installment graphically,look at mw3 and cod ghost on pc max settings,you'll see a difference and a similar graphic jump bf3 had to bf4(note that does not mean ghost does not look as good as bf4 just saying that it changed graphically as much as bf3 to bf4 as to mw3 to ghost.) My point im trying to get across is almost every game series does this,its all recycled engines.

candy_mafia1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Don't worry, they will use last gen engine on older platforms, new engine on current gen.

Clearly the old gen cannot display visuals such as the screen shot released yesterday :0)

Baka-akaB1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

You really believe in that new engine fairy tale ? If i'm proven wrong later , cool , i'll acknowledge it ..

But it will be the same , cranked up to its limits , except downgraded on ps3/360 .

killzone6191568d ago

these next gen consoles only came out in november. It hasnt even been a year yet! Ps3 and xbox 360 are still relevant....

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BattleAxe1568d ago

So now you can jump around like it's Halo... On another note, it looks like they brought in Kevin Spacey.

LonDonE1568d ago

HOLY SHIPPLES ITS kobayashi keyser soze

con4g231568d ago

looks good
although looks familiar
Crysis Of Duty
Call of Duty: Titans

ps3rider1568d ago

The crysis of calling titans

Ace Killa 081568d ago

calling on fallen titans?