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HyperBear1480d ago

I have to agree! There's something about this trailer/reveal that's made me want to find out more about the game and wanting to see it played live. I haven't been this excited for a COD game since MW2, and hopefully this is one of those COD games that actually live up to the hype.

Kingthrash3601480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

looks like cod finally changed them panties!
that story looks interesting...Spacey is a great actor he can carry the sp story...but i'll hold on to my excitement until i see mp....right now color me intrigued.
it looks great, and that was the xbox version! i wonder ps4/pc versions look.

GearSkiN1480d ago

@hyperbear I'm in the same page ad you buddy!

Army_of_Darkness1479d ago

If the campaign is at least 8hrs. I might considering getting it.

Elimin81479d ago

Damn you Kevin Spacey... I gave up on CoD since MW2.... Now you're pulling me right back in... GGGGrrrr

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ArchangelMike1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare...

reminds me of

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare!

I don't know though, will keep an eye out, but won't get my hopes up.

Kingscorpion19811480d ago

Your right it has a ghost recon feel to it

GearSkiN1480d ago

Ghost recon is advance warfighter tho

JOEgolferG1480d ago

Ghost Recon is ten time's better than CoD.

NintySonySoft1479d ago

how the hell did i get 12 disagrees? ;-;

ThisEndsNow1479d ago

why u worrying about how many disagrees u got?

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ape0071480d ago

looks fantastic, sledgehammer is working hard, their mw3 disappointed me but i'll give them a chance because they only made MW3 in 10 months while this new cod they had 3 years, each cod team now(3 teams) will be given a 3 year development time

im not too sure about the ghosts/mw3 team (ghosts = worst cod ever)but hopefully that will give them more time to focus, more dev time = more epicness (GTA V, TLOU, MGS, SM3DW etc...)

HexxedAvenger1480d ago

I'm not one for CoD, but AW will be kept on my radar.

Salooh1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

I just noticed another crazy and ridicules thing lol

At 0:35 , they shoot and the cars move like nothing is happening xP. The game act like it's serious but it's vision always feels sooo shallow . This is why The last of us feels soo good because it makes sense even though it's fictional with the zombie stuff. Why can't they go that road ?. It's not that hard in my opinion..

Anyway , call of duty for us in my country is all about multiplayer and gameplay. So it's not an issue at all lol. I just wish they deliever something fun this time. Don't even want it to be great >.< .

Is this what they wanted to reveal in sunday ?. Hope they reveal the gameplay in that day ^^.

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