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MrSwankSinatra1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

How long are they gonna reuse that old ass PS2 engine, like c'mon you make all that money from CoD every year and you can't invest in a better looking engine.

Fireseed1570d ago

If you honestly think that looks like previous CoD games then I really am at a loss for words...

mcarsehat1570d ago

It looks astounding, i've never been more excited by a game trailer, the graphics were superb, spacey looks and sounds fantastic even the writing sounded above par for the series. (i've loved every cod and hated ghosts) so it's good to have the same feelings about the series again yaaaaaaaaay!

Naga1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Well it has my attention, and I do love me some Kevin Spacey, but I'll be damned if this doesn't look a little derivative. I mean, is this the new formula?

COD:AW = COD:MW + Elysium + House of Cards?

troylazlow1570d ago

Looks like Titanfall had an impact on COD... I'm pretty excited for this, I skipped Ghosts

GiggMan1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I agree with @Fireseed. It's not my cup of tea (not too in to futuristic games) but it definitely doesn't look like previous COD games.

I secretly was kinda pulling for the return to the past with the series but if they include 4 player local multi, I'm down.

@Troy, I agree but if I'm not mistaken this has been in development for a while.

Amazingmrbrock1570d ago

How exactly does it not look like other cod games? I noticed the characters had the same kind of weird plasticy hard looking skin. They didn't show any gameplay, and I'm pretty certain most of the cool looking stuff they showed in the trailer will either be non interactive or QTE based. It looks like they potentially added more techy stuff like elysium style mech suits, but I can't see them actually changing the core gameplay around much, they guns will still handle much the same the levels will still be very small, weapons will still be hit scan based, and characters will still go down in one to three hits.

Graphically it did look better than previous COD games, the lighting looked quite nice, and the environment textures looked good, but since activision is known to bullshot, and nearly all the scenes looked like not gameplay the 'real' graphics could look like nearly everything.

It could very well turn out to be a really good game with good writing, innovative gameplay, excellent graphics, the whole nine yards. More than likely though it will be more of what everyone is used to because that is how activision rolls.

NewMonday1570d ago

honestly looks great, the first CoD I'm interested in since MW2, the SP should be interesting this time

also looks like the exclusive deal with MS is still going, that will matter little if it's another 720P problem.

o2a11570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

It may look better, but I'm going to hold my opinion until I see some gameplay videos, hopefully it wont be the same shit with a different smell.

GiggMan1570d ago

@Amazing, So you're saying if you didn't see the title in the article you would be able to tell it was a Call of Duty game?

I personally wouldn't have guessed it. Probably would have thought it was some new IP.

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DefenderOfDoom21570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Its seems like the same ole Call of Duty campaign to me! Game will hold your hand and point you in the right direction so you will not get confused and will not force the player to have to think! Stop the gameplay every ten minutes so the game can show some expensive cutscenes which can also be used for trailers to try to fool people that this campaign is ground breaking ! A five hour campaign ! Yeah this is exactly what this game will be , same ole Call of Duty !

bigbearsack1570d ago

Dude, dem is some nice looking graphics. I'm actually going to keep an eye out on this.

Septic1570d ago

Okay that looked impressive. Mostly because Kevin Spacey is a BAWWS!

mikeslemonade1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo.. you guys are missing the big picture. It's being made for last gen systems too. This will be a flop in critical standards.

edit: Sorry the way it the news story was archived misled me into thinking it was confirmed for those systems.

quenomamen1570d ago

If honestly think this is a whole new from the ground up COD then I have some swampland to sell you dirt cheap.

1. Drones and mechs, futuristic setting looks straight out of Black Ops 2
2. Bridge fighting from MW2
3. No way in Hell is this running on a new Engine, this is the same old take last year's model and give it a wax job.
4. How many times have proclaimed " This is a whole New Call Of Duty " ?

DevilOgreFish1570d ago

I had lost my interests in the franchise a while back, but after seeing this new trailer it has indeed caught my attention.

love the bump in fidelity and attention to detail.

Zero-One1570d ago

It will BE like the previous.

NewMonday1570d ago

graphically it's no BF4 or Killzone but this game should look and run much better than Ghosts because it had a lot more time with the new generation hardware.

jordan84451570d ago

Quake 2 style static buildings with zero destruction is unforgivable in 2014 from a billionaire development company living in valleys of cash.

Shame on you for excusing it, you're part of the problem then.

gaffyh1570d ago

It looks good graphically, but there are still some things which look kinda crappy. For example, the fact that there is no deformation on Kevin Spacey's face except for around his mouth.

I know it is a minor thing, but the trailer on the whole screams Call of Duty, if I didn't see the name, I would still have guessed it was COD, because the format is exactly like every COD trailer for the past four years. I'm not going to get my hopes up, but I am certainly more interested than previous games.

RedDeadLB1570d ago

I can't believe the day has arrived when I am anticipating the release of a Call of Duty game. Well done Sledgehammer, well done.

headblackman1570d ago

you can tell that he only said that because it said that it was running on x1 hardware.

they game looked great and that's that!


UltimateMaster1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

The first ever good-looking COD game.
But that's the single player.
Nobody cares about the single player 4 hour campaign.
Everyone plays multi.
But hell, with all these changes, I might actually start buying them back.
I'll see if it's good or not.
I love change, not a repetitive game.


Hmm, Call Of Duty in KillZone Mode. Looks interesting.

DrJones1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

This one has better quality. In french though.

trenso11570d ago

It looks better then last CODs for sure but let's please not act like this really appealing graphically. Its not impressive looking seeing what else has come out so far this gen

zeuanimals1570d ago

You can see the limitations clearly, but it still looks really good, much better than the older games. This is clearly not the same engine they were using back then.

I have a feeling Activision is finally hiring good graphics guys to work on the COD franchise, but graphics aren't my concern. How's it play? That's my concern since every COD campaign in recent memory has been boring and every COD MP has been the same crap, etc.

system221570d ago

especially the facial animation. still not perfect but way better than before.

amazinglover1570d ago

IT looks leaps and bounds better than ghost which at times didn't look like a next gen game. Actually excited for a COD for the first time in a long time.

porkChop1570d ago

Looks completely new and fresh. Honestly, I'm excited. If I hadn't known it was Call of Duty I would have thought it was a new IP.

Anarki1569d ago

Not a fan of CoD however this looks interesting. Will pick it up if this is for next gen systems only. Don't fancy having a lame ass port.

ZombieKiller1569d ago

This looks pretty good actually. As a former player and now hater of the series, I honestly have to say that I would give this a chance.

Then I remembered how much it costs per year to play this game. Then I saw the 30 day exclusive to xbox and the "following was using an xbox one" messages and realized I don't need to be treated like crap JUST BECAUSE bought a PlayStation. I don't know....I hate supporting Call of Duty anymore for these reasons. Despite that, the game looks pretty awesome actually. Which is where my struggle lies.
I'm going to have to play this one first before I invest $60 on the first half then another $60 on the 2nd half. Sometimes I really wonder how much 'DLC' was created during the real games development.Good to see a different looking COD game this time though! Here's wishing the best for SH games

@naga: House of Duty: Elysium Warfare

Dannylew1569d ago

Yes guy... looks like old engines in old consoles.

80% of what you saw in this trailers is a "realtime PRE-rendered CUT-Scenes" full of Aliasing and probably @ 720p 30fps.

Combining Crysis with battlefield with a lot of killzone is not a good starting point for a "really hardcore experienced" gamers.

Ovviously if you are a new gamers without expericene this looks amazing.

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Metallox1570d ago

I think it looks much better than Ghosts.

shivvy241570d ago

wow i think im gonna get this cod, havent bought one since mw2

jjonez181570d ago

Cod has finally decided to join the next generation. Hopefully the gameplay follows. Who knows, maybe this Cod will have a worthwhile story too.

ifistbrowni1570d ago


Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, you mean?

wait a second....

spicelicka1570d ago

It looks great no doubt, graphics finally look awesome. I'm only worried about the gameplay being the same as always. Cod trailers and videos always show crazy Micheal Bay style explosions, adrenaline pumping action to reel people in and then the gameplay is always move 2 inches and shit explodes everywhere in your face, it becomes more of a movie than a game. If they expect to attract my attention I want sandbox environments and large scale battles, things that will change the gameplay from before. I'm so tired of interactive movie type games.

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Salooh1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

It looks good but not impressing. Good enough for me in graphics side.

Like i said before it's a mix between crysis and titanfall . Now gameplay needs to be at least good to convince me that it's getting better , the only way to know that is by buying it or hearing feedback from specific people that have my taste xP. I'm always gonna buy call of duty until my brothers are sick of it. Hopefully it doesn't go that way. :P

Just remember , they are the devil , they hype it to hell then it turns out to be worst then the old call of duty's . I'm not falling for that. It's a fact for me until i play it and see it in my own eyes..

Sci0n1570d ago

it is cod and I vowed myself to never buy another.I know most gamers will goble it right up though and will continue to hate on it yet keep buying the games like they do with all the cods. Multiplayer will be the same old casual aim assist cod with futuristic new perks and gameplay to make it even easier for casuals. There largest market is casuals and they wont shy away from making noob friendly games for them.

AngelicIceDiamond1570d ago

@Sinatra I don't know what your talking about the game, graphically looks damn near amazing.

quenomamen1570d ago

When did you get cataracts ?

candy_mafia1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )


I agree...amazing visuals. It's like a virtual Hollywood blockbuster!!

Some folks can't be pleased. Who gives a Rats A$$ what they think. I will be getting this one!!!

Dang, one of my favourite actors is in it KEVIN (House of Cards) SPACEY!!!!

HammadTheBeast1570d ago

It looks decent for a CoD game but definitely not amazing for next gen. Especially when you compare to other titles, like BF4 which was a launch title.

starchild1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

No, it looks properly next gen and very impressive. I don't know which trailer you watched.

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angelsx1570d ago

Another Titanfall without titans.No thanks

XStation1570d ago

Titanfall without titans makes no sense at all and that just basically means it's a normal fps...

SilentNegotiator1570d ago

I'm pretty sure COD came out before Titanfall and was a major inspiration for Titanfall (especially considering the developers)...

ScamperCamper1570d ago

Incredible!! Gotta love the internet. These guys: http://www.callofdutyforeve... deserve a lot of credit because they were talking about Advanced Warfare months ago. So far I'm saying holy crap, this just got real! I think Halo is about to bite the dust. Move over AW is here!

NarooN1570d ago

Activision trademarked "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" literally years ago. I recall the trademarks popping up around the time MW2 was coming out. They also trademarked "Space Warfare" as well, and "Future Warfare".

zeuanimals1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )


I don't think they trademarked Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, since they already own the trademark to Call of Duty. Nobody is allowed to make a game with the name "Call of Duty" without Activision's approval.

I think they trademarked Advanced Warfare so other games won't use that name/subname. That means when someone tells their friends to buy "Advanced Warfare", there's only gonna be one game to choose from and no confusion to be had.

Bengaroo1570d ago

It's doesn't look like the old engine.

It looks good but not great. Not a 'omg this must be next gen' type graphics.

zeuanimals1570d ago

Yeah, but it looks much better than the older games. I've been spoiled by games like inFAMOUS SS and NBA 2K14, and many other games that are coming out look much better, but this is a step in the right direction for COD.

They finally hired some good graphics guys, but I'm worried about gameplay. I'll wait a month after this game releases for the real reviews before I buy this, I don't trust IGN, Gamespot, etc. reviews on COD titles.

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-Superman-1570d ago

How about watching trailer first before commend?

ritsuka6661570d ago

The gameplay will be a same shit.

vallencer1570d ago

What do you want them to do? Make the game play that of a RPG? They don't need to change the game play. It WORKS!! Why change it when it's exactly what COD is going for?

STK0261570d ago

It doesn't look as good as some other shooters that's for sure. But it will run at 60fps, something most of the better looking games don't achieve. And since 60fps is basically a staple of the franchise, I would much rather have good graphics and 60fps in a Call of Duty game than great graphics at an unstable fps or worse, a locked 30fps; it simply wouldn't fit the Call of Duty gameplay.

MSpence5161570d ago

Completely agree. This is why I play (certain) COD games. The frenetic pace is what its about. The graphics never really mattered to me.

seanpitt231570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Looks like blackops2 with Kevin spacey. Guys don't expect this game to be any different from the other cods. I think personally they have gotten worse over time.

killzone6191570d ago

rather play this than brokenfield 4

FFXI1011570d ago


To be fair, it does look better than the Ghost.
But then again, it is a CoD game. So I think we all know what to expect.

ShockUltraslash1570d ago

Why should we care?
Oh well, COD's plague reached FinalFantasy too.
But hey, as long as Noctis's game is good everyone should be cool.

MrSwankSinatra1569d ago

you obviously cared enough to comment. An comparing CoD to final fantasy is a pretty bad comparison to make since they're of two different genre's. An i can attest that the general consensus has more faith in FFXV being a great game rather than the amount of people who think advanced warfighter will be one. Alas like you said why should you care??

HammerKong1570d ago

man game is looking amazing,yeah sometimes ,at very less times game looked ok,especially at the satart but then it looked like next gen,not saying they were looking realistic but it is following the artstyle of old cod's ,with very less colors in them,and game looked great and is having some amazing cenes but still gameplay is unknown.

starchild1569d ago

What? That looks extremely impressive. To be honest it looks better than any other shooter we have seen yet.

This is the first Call of Duty game in a long time that I have had any interest in. Not just for the visuals either, but the gameplay, setting and narrative seem to be more intriguing to me as well.

beereal3601569d ago

You must be blind or just a hater that trailer was the best looking graphics ever.

MrSwankSinatra1569d ago

Yes anyone who has a differing of an opinion towards another is either blind or a hater /s

hellzsupernova1569d ago

WTF! dude watch the trailer it looks epic. I have never bought NEVER bought a call of duty game but damn if im not excited for this after that epic trailer.

OculusRift1569d ago

If you really think that looks like a last gen cod..Then, it's about time you get your eyes checked/ upgrade your devices.

Magicite1569d ago

Looks good, will have.