Nintendo’s new console: The case for and against an E3 reveal

MMGN writes: Nintendo is in a weird place. Its fiscal outlooks have been disappointing, but hardly disastrous, and its Wii U console appears to have found a place in the market, despite not really blowing anyone away.

For much of the past three or four years, Nintendo has been a “making up the numbers” gaming company, but that’s hardly a bad thing.

It’s allowed the company the flexibility to shift its focus to its fans, which is perhaps most evident in its Nintendo Direct conferences and shift towards a more play-centric E3 offering.

Third-party support continues to wane, but with games like Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World and Tropical Freeze, Wii U gamers can hardly argue that the console lacks quality software, especially as both the PS4 and Xbox One languish between game releases.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

"Third party support continues to wane"
Not if you have the sense to count indies, it isn't, but I know that people around this neck of the woods think "OMG AAA STUDIOS!" whenever third party is mentioned, so it's pointless to go any further with that.

Instead, I'll stick to what has been pointed out again and again:
When it comes to releasing new systems, learn from the misfortunes of Sega's history, so that those mistakes aren't repeated.

Abandoning consoles to make up new ones when the others were failing, is a large part of why Sega's console brand went under.
It destroyed Brand Trust in their consumers and made people feel ripped off again and again.

For Nintendo to survive, they cannot repeat such a critical error, because unlike Sega, Nintendo's games are not suited for consoles other than Nintendo's own.

Their audience just isn't out there on other consoles, and there's too much competition from third parties for Nintendo to be able to gain any ground out there anyways.

You'd see people choosing an HD remake of The Last of Us[or something similar] over the next Mario every single time, on consoles other than Nintendo's own.

And more often than not, it seems, you'll see people insulting Nintendo's franchises rather than give them a fair chance, calling them everything from rehash[which is more than a little hypocritical given how much milking others do, too] to too childish for "adult" gamers.

These aren't the people that honestly want Nintendo's franchises.
Those people that really want the games badly enough to call themselves fans, have already done what they can to save up and get the system that gives these games a home to belong to, just like with any other console.

They need to keep themselves differentiated from the pack to stand a chance at making their games sell.
They need to show that they value their brands enough to keep making systems to support them, and to support those systems through their life cycles instead of dropping them at the first sign of low sales.

Dropping the Wii U to make a new console, or worse dropping the highly-successful 3DS before its time, would be the worst financial mistake that they could make at this time, aside from dropping out of consoles entirely.

kneon1600d ago

"Their audience just isn't out there on other consoles"

Their audience will go where ever the games are. If Nintendo decided to give up on home console hardware and just sell software their big games would still sell, and they would pick up new fans along the way.

Tiqila1600d ago

I disagree, I mainly bought a Wii U because of Nintendo exclusive games, if I could have them on PS/Xbox as well, they would have been an instant buy and I think that I am not the only one who loves Nintendo games but can not always afford to buy all gaming systems out there and hence would appreciate Zelda, Mario, Metroid and the like on other systems too.

Dont get me wrong, I dont want Nintendo to go multiplat and stop doing awesome gaming systems. Im just saying if they would, their games would be appreciated by a lot of people, contrary to what monkeyman stated above.

I really hope Nintendo continues to support the Wii U, it is a very nice gaming system after all and it has a lot potential not yet exploited.

donwel1600d ago

I agree with everything you said, as a 3rd party dev/publisher, Nintendo would likely not survive for very long due to the sheer amount of competition from other developers and the fanbases they tend to attract.
Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the odd AAA title, but many of them these days just feel a bit soulless.
On the other hand though, the Mario games have always been a bit hit and miss for me, but the Zelda games..... well I'll put it this way, I've played through Wind Waker on GC a countless number of times and at some point between moving houses in the last 2 years I've somehow managed to lose the game, so now I'm looking to buy the Wii U Wind Waker limited edition.
Plus I'm looking to get some of my favourite retro games on the virtual console (I'm a sucker for nostalgia).

Charybdis1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

The rumoured codename of their next gen console is nintendo fusion. It might even be possible that they really are launching a new console/handheld which are fully backwards/forward compatible with the wii-u software and hardware wise.

rumoured fusion specs:

mcstorm1600d ago

Nintendo are not that stupid and will not release a new console for another 3 maybe more years. The WiiU is fine in terms of spec's ect not matter what people say. The issue with the WiiU is the same as what happened to the 3DS and that was 1st its name. I think if Nintendo had called it something different maybe even just Wii2 rather than Wiiu would of made people look at it different. The 2nd was lack of games. Now this is part to do with Nintendo and part 3rd party. It now has a great line up of games and imo the best of the new gen consoles but 98% of this is down to Nintendo's IP's. Add Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros soon and its getting even better.

Nintendo now need to start shouting about the WiiU on what it is and that it is not a Wii the way they did when they repushed the 3DS as their line was this is not a DS its a new console.

I am not sure if the WiiU can catch the Xbox one or PS4 but as we saw last gen anything is possible.

Looking forward to this E3 and I think all 3 will have some amazing announcement for us gamers.

ZainreFang1600d ago

No. You have to understand that gamers do not mean what they say. For example, when they say "we want new IPs", they mean "we want a new third person/first person shooter with new characters". Other types don't sell most of the time.

Gamers only insult Nintendo games because they can't get them on their own console. This is something called "Cognitive Dissonance". If you look it up, you'll see the connection.

NexGen1600d ago

1) that's not an accurate assumption and a very broad generalization.

2) that isn't what cognitive dissonance means, but keep up your studies, Wikipedia warrior.

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leemass241600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

well i fink the the new console isnt a console like the wii u but a console for thier QOL plan, its probably the best bet because if its a replacement for wii u why release mario kart 8 next month when the month after your unveiling its successer makes no sense to me, plus all the other games coming this year so the QOL is the safest bet for what the new system might be.

Fixay1600d ago

I really do think the Wii U could do with some kind of re design or name change.

I couldn't believe that my friend (who plays games) did not even understand what a Wii U was. He believed it was just a new controller for the old Wii!!

I couldn't believe it and after explaining it to him he was quite shocked. I didn't expect to hear that a few years after launch

Zichu1600d ago

If it's a redesign of the Wii U, they might remove the Wii hardware considering they have shut down the online services for the Wii. It could be related to that. This will allow it to be a lot smaller than it is now.

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