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Angels37851605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

I like the House of Cards spin...I know he plays many great games on the show (mostly sony exclusives games for some reason :0 ) but I dont like seeing him associate with COD :/

If you're wondering why I'm here then if I dont like COD...the title said Kevin Spacey and I like him!

porkChop1605d ago

He plays Sony exclusives because of a marketing deal between Sony and Netflix. It's product placement.

TomShoe1605d ago

Dammit COD. I swear off you every year, but you pull me right back in.


-Foxtrot1605d ago


and thats why Activision thinks of you as a massive sucker.

Every year, it's the same and I'm not talking about the game, I'm talking about this silly cycle.

People who buy the games, hate on the ones who call it out and then kind of agree with them after they've bought it because it ends up being dissapointing..."It's not as good as <insert previous COD game here>"

Angels37851605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Dude I know the " for some reason :0 " was what made it sarcastic

Implying I knew the reason

Destrania1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Umm, did anyone notice that his face looked like a digital re-creation? What if it's advertising the power of their new engine?! Btw, I haven't bought a CoD game in many years, however, I always keep my eye on them to see if they can capture my attention once again. This one just might.

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Fireseed1605d ago

With the possible introduction of Kevin Spacey this CoD might actually have a story worth mentioning... I'm not holding my breath though.

OrangePowerz1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Can someone explain to me that extreme hate for CoD without mentioning the not so good Ghosts? It always sounds like people are forces to buy it.

Testfire1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

I used to love COD games up to Black Ops. After that I stopped playing. But the reasons I see why people bash it are:

1. They made so much money with the franchise but never created a better engine or offered dedicated servers.
2. Because of the success of the multiplayer it started a trend in the industry where everyone was copying it.
3. Cause some people think it's cool to hate on what's popular.
4. The devs started too make the game "accessible" to the casual crowd and the mp became less competitive.
5. Some people are forced to buy it if they want to play with their friends who don't play anything other than COD.

I'm sure there are more reasons but these are the common ones I've noticed.

Spikes14711605d ago

1. True
2. We'll yeah. It was successful
3 also true
4. Same could be said for every shooter.
5. You are not forced. You are retarded with your money.

M-M1605d ago

People hate it because it overshadows other innovative titles. For example, people have this mentality "Why should I buy [insert game name/s here] if I can just pay $60 a year for Call of Duty?". As for me, I could care less about COD unless it has a theater mode system(if you know what I do, you'll know why).

ajax171605d ago

Because it's entire multiplayer structure is based around camping... or at least that's what people have reduced it to.

OpieWinston1605d ago

So ever since Black Ops I've had a number of Actors that I love in the game...Clearly CoD wants me to put my money down. (I could always torrent it since I only play for the SP now)

Black Ops...Ed Harris/Gary Oldman/Sam Worthington
Modern Warfare 3....William Fichtner/Idris Elba/Timothy Olyphant
Black Ops2...Michael Rooker/Sam Worthington
Ghosts....Stephen Lang

Why won't they let me just walk away with my head high. They always add people like this in the games.

And yes people I love having a nice voice actor in a game. Sometimes make or break type of deal.

ChipChipperson1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

"I'm trying to run an office here, go to lunch... WILL. YOU. GO. TO. LUNCH!?"

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