New Info On Destiny's Raids, The Endgame Activity

A few interesting details on Destiny's Raids, the endgame activity with up to six players, and some clarifications on the Patrol mode.

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TheUltimateGamer1298d ago

I'm so stoked about this game!

kaiserfranz1298d ago

Me too. I hope they improve the AI to be more aggressive than in those videos, though

HexxedAvenger1298d ago

Same here! One of the reasons for me getting my ps4 lol

joab7771298d ago

It IS an mmo. I can understand why they dont want to be branded as such but mmo players are hardcore and fiercely loyal.

It should, at some point cater to mmo enthusiasts. Yeah, many may play this game and realize that they love the mmo genre, they just want some fps action involved too. But no genre is as immersive or addictive as the mmo genre.

Destiny could be the perfect blend. I also love that console players get the game first.

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LightDiego1298d ago

This game will be awesome.

kaiserfranz1298d ago

Let's hope so, I was kind of disappointed with Titanfall...

TRD4L1fe1298d ago

Man this game cannot come out soon enough. Im beyond excited for this.

micx1297d ago

Bungie is revolutionizing the genre again.