One week to Sunset Overdrive reveal.

Brandon Winfrey(insomniac games community manager) teases Sunset overdrive reveal for next week.

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Lawboy21480d ago

Yo seriously can't wait...that's my last day of finals and the systems will be coming back on....I've been missing P v z and titanfall and I may play infamous for 12 hours straight...seriously can't wait...I hope there is a ton of information released on the 8th...the whole story and maybe a release date some screen shoots and a new trailer...that would be epic

Also to anyone who read the tweet what did they mean about realistic art design like fuse

christocolus1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

This , Quantum break and Halo5 are some of my most anticipated titles of the year and seeing the recently released in game photo from the upcoming call of duty makes me even more hyped for Halo5.

Lawboy21480d ago

Halo heads going to explode I love everything halo....even though I'm more of a gears of war man myself....and quantum break looks amazing....I can't wait till we here more about that game at e3....there are literally to many games coming out this year...there are still games that I haven't played yet on either system that I still want to get

Forza 5
Killzone SF

I really want to try those games out but with all these new games I'm afraid I want have enough time.....e3 this year is going to be spectacular....prepare expectations to be surpassed...

Seriously can't wait

KwietStorm1479d ago

Halo comes out this year?

Farmassy1479d ago


nobody knows for sure but it looks like there will be some kind of halo release this year... it is probably Halo 2 anniversary. Which I can't wait for... such a great game. I would love to play that again

spicelicka1479d ago

I'm just as hyped as you are about halo 5, my most beloved franchise of any piece of entertainment.

But I reallyy doubt it's coming this year. 343 is still posting jobs for the game, there's no way they'd be hiring a senior multiplayer designer noww if the game was out this year. Plus i don't see it being developed just 2 years after halo 4 on a new system.

It's most likely gonna be halo 2 anniversary, which is also freakin exciting!! I don't know what they'll do with it but I can wait.

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christocolus1480d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I got tired of killzone after part 3 but i just started playing infamous ss and I think I'm going to enjoy it very much.played the first two on ps3 and they were fun too.. You should try it out. The gameplay and animation ain't really groundbreaking but if you enjoyed the first two you'll definitly enjoy this too besides it looks really good too.

Anyways i think Sunset overdrive and crackdown3 will be really great games. There are so many games incoming,i just hope ill be able to play all the great games this gen has to offer.

HugoDrax1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I just finished my HERO/Good play through of Second Son yesterday, and I began my VILLAIN/Evil play though earlier. Great game! hopefully there is more DLC besides the paper trail missions. I also just purchased KILLZONE for $30 off of groupon, and I also bough KILLZONE mercenaries for my Vita for $15 this past Saturday.

Anyhow, Crackdown 3 will be amazing! can't wait to see what they have in store for that game. I loved Crackdown 1, but Crackdown 2 was boring besides getting my wing suit :-)

Zombro1479d ago

Wow no fanboy hate I'm impressed

Mystogan1479d ago

Do you want fanboy hate?
Because that's how you get fanboy hate.

Zombro1479d ago

I was just shocked lol

n4rc1479d ago

Haha... I was thinking the same thoughts as both of you as I scrolled down..

"Man.. A positive comment section for onc...oh, he jinxed it"


incendy351479d ago

I cannot wait, loved the style in the E3 video. I hope it will be launching soon after the reveal.

lifeisgamesok1479d ago

I remember Phil saying they play this game a lot i bet it's really fun

Nekroo911479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Well the last game from insomniac, besides Ratchet and clank wasnt that great...

Its a game called Fuse ,but it went under the radar since it was really bad

HacSawJimThugin1479d ago

The anticipation is killing me. I've been spreading the good word about this game to all of my friends being that none of them frequent game websites like this or any other. Plz quench my thirst...The drought has damn near killed me.

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