If You Have a Choice, Don’t Play Daylight on PS4

GeekParty's Matt Buckley writes: "Not everyone has a solid gaming PC. For those who have no choice, Daylight is still a serviceable horror game that is worth the cheap asking price on the PS4. If you’ve got a decent build, though, stick with the PC."

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nucky641608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

i really don't buy what this guy is saying. there is no way that any version of the game will have routine load times that exceeds several minutes - if this were true, nobody would buy the game.

UltimateMaster1607d ago

I saw streaming of it.
I'm not all that interested in it.

It's search here and there to get all the missing piece of the puzzle, don't stare at the ghost, look down and move having your head down.

Then again, horror games aren't my thing.

cleft51608d ago

I love my PS4, but if you have a really nice PC why wouldn't you buy this game or most other games for it. The possibility of mods is something that is really hard to pass up on.

As far as this game is concerned, when I thought it was a PS+ title I was interested in it. When it was revealed that it wasn't, any interest I had immediately dried up. I might have brought the game if it was really good, but apparently it's not and it's supposedly very short. I think those issues are far more problematic than which platform you buy this game on, because right now I am not interested in the game on any platform.

NewMonday1608d ago

I have a both and I play some multi-platform games on PC, just for the trainers.

contrary to popular opinion it is possible to play and enjoy both PS4, and PC, and whatever other device.

Adexus1608d ago

Yeah I mean, Battlefield 4 launched bug free and 9 million people bought it... oh wait, it launched with tons of bugs and 9 million people still bought it.

Not every technical issue is known straight away at launch so people still buy it without knowing and then the game's flaws get spread around.

papashango1608d ago

and they're still apologizing for that mess

nucky641608d ago

you're right -same with all of the elder scrolls games...buggy as crap and people ate it up!

i stand corrected!

windblowsagain1608d ago

Tbh i don't want to play it.

Just looks like another outlast. 1 was enough. Decent game though it was.

HeWhoWalks1608d ago

Unfortunately, it isn't even close to Outlast's fun factory. It's not "bad", per se, but it's far from the heights of other Indie horror games.

Omegasyde1608d ago

I saw a couple streams on PS4. You basically collect stuff to get from point a to point b. The notes made zero sense, and the girl would randomly talk "is someone there" when there was no one there.

It seems really really boring. Outlast is a much better game.

Paganostaghetti1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

I also played the PS4 version. He is right. The game takes roughly two minutes to load your save file whenever you die. Plus, the games framerate drops to single digits at the beginning of chapters on occasion. A real shame.

KUV19771608d ago

Yeah, try playing it in 3D. If you get 20 frames per second you are lucky. It's borderline unplayable and I only bought it because it was 3D.

GearSkiN1608d ago

Me too I bought the game coz it had 3d hoping Real 3D withhold be awesome but no... There's crosstalk and laggy...

Visiblemarc1608d ago

Odd considering the game doesn't look that great. The whole thing seems half baked.

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The story is too old to be commented.