Xbox head visits Shangai, lots of interest from chinese game studios.

Phil Spencer and his team are kicking into high gear in preparation for the consoles septemper launch in China and going by his recent comments on twitter, it seems the Xbox head is making some good strides especially in getting chinese devs onboard the xbox one.

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GutZ311419d ago

Sink or swim, this will be interesting.

It's the first time an american company will get this much press in china, in a good light.

komp1419d ago

septemper, when is that? after maduary

retro_1419d ago

The chinese will have an XB1 clone in six months which will be 98% there and cost about a third the price.

SniperControl1419d ago

Xblox 720, Chintendo Wee & the Pow!Station 5 will do very well over there me thinks.


Immorals1419d ago

With their lead game, eldest roles online

calis1419d ago

Incharted: Rake's Reception.

Nekroo911419d ago

I love your disagrees because all of them are coming from ignorant people.

Hell they clone smarthphones and even cars!! Of course its going to happen.

SniperControl1419d ago

You are right, i work for a well known car manufacturer in the UK, the amount of times we have started proceedings against companies in China for copying our designs is just stupid silly.

We even have dealerships over there yet they still blatantly copy our cars. i know that BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Ford all have lawsuits ongoing in Chinese courts.

Counterfeiting is a massive problem over there, i'am afraid that is not gonna end soon.

maniacmayhem1419d ago

Lol! And you know it will come pre-packed with 100 NES games already installed like the Super Megason IV!

I actually saw one of these things being sold a long time ago at some kiosk in the mall. Hilarious and woe to the child who grandparents picked this up for them.

stormfire784121419d ago

Good luck Ms...hope things work out well for you

christocolus1419d ago

I hope it does really well over there.. Good luck to Phil and the rest of his team.

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