What's going on at Naughty Dog?

CCC Says: "Naughty Dog is one of my all-time favorite video game developers. It's the team that has brought us some of the most memorable titles in gaming history, including the most recent hit, The Last of Us. Recently, however, Naughty Dog has been in the news due to developments that have a lot of gamers worried."

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Crazyglues1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Who, who... who *


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XiNarutoUzumaki1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

They are my favorite devs too and one of the main reasons why I love the Playstation brand. To see all those key people leaving the studio has been really shocking to me. It's a shame this is happening now that they have the spotlight and are considered the best devs of 2013 for the overwhelming success of the Last of Us.

I'm worried about Uncharted 4. Hopefully, Naughty Doge can recover and give us another amazing experience with U4, and keep delivering more masterpieces.

In Naughty Doge I trust, and you should too!
Believe it!

Kurisu1448d ago

I'm sure people are looking way too deeply in to this. Naughty Dog haven't let us down so far. Even though there have been a few departures I'm sure the remaining team are extremely talented and working towards making the best game they can.

SolidDuck1448d ago

I have no insider information and I might be dead wrong. So don't hate. But from what I understand Neil drunkman and Bruce don't remember his last name seem to be the ones in charge now. And from what I have heard were in charge of there second team that made uncharted 2 and the last of us. So all might not be lost because uncharted 2 was my favorite uncharted and the last of us was awesome. It's sounds like the two teams were fighting over the direction of unchated 4, and Neil and Bruce won. Amy then either quit or forced out at that point. And now everyone that was on Amy's side is finding new jobs or leaving. Either because there mad or didn't feel wanted. It will be interesting to see how naughty dogs games turn out from this point on.