Why Nintendo Not Having a Press Conference Is The Best Thing They Can Do

CCC Says: "A lot of people are saying that Nintendo’s decision to once again not host a formal press conference at E3 is a sign that they are losing the console war quite profoundly. However, I see this just a little bit differently. I think this move is incredibly calculated to help them come back in the console war. This isn’t something that they were forced to do. Face it, Nintendo has a phenomenally large war chest. The Wii was the best-selling console last generation, and the 3DS alone is more than enough to keep Nintendo afloat. They could easily afford a press conference, if they wanted to, and that’s the key point here. It’s not that they are being forced to not hold a press conference, they simply don’t want to."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

In the interest of saving time, I'm going to say here what I've already said in another thread:

Consider the following:
The Smash Invitational is going to be bringing in not only 16 skilled players, it will also be inviting a crowd[which will also include the press] to watch the tournament live, on top of live-streaming it.
In addition to that, the Best Buy event, with Smash U being open for all to play during E3's duration, is also going to be drawing in a lot of attention from Smash fans, and gamers in general, all over the states, involving them on a level that the now-closed-to-the-public E3 just can't match anymore, now that their conferences and everything else are press only.

In the bigger scope of things, Nintendo has actually set themselves up to become the most consumer-focused/friendly faction of the Big 3 at this year's E3.
It may damage their relationship with a few press entities, but they'll be drawing themselves closer to the gamers at large as a trade-off, by putting one of their most highly-anticipated titles for their ailing Wii U out there for the critics to inspect and the fans to enjoy.

They're bringing people together in a big way, despite the lack of an on-stage press performance.
That's not an easy feat to accomplish, and considering how much they need a strategy like this to counter the fact that they'll not be doing a press conference, it's kind of a critical deal for them.

I know we'd all be happier if they did get up on stage and do a press conference on top of everything else, but if they absolutely must skip it, then involving the public in their world using one of their most hype-worthy upcoming titles, in a way no one else is doing, is a good way to balance the scales.

The fact that the press at E3 will still get to play all of those Nintendo demos earlier than those of the other two on top of being invited to the tournament as guests is also going to help smooth a lot of ruffled feathers on the press side of things.

I guess we'll see how it all turns out, but one thing's for sure; Nintendo's strides towards this year's E3 are MUCH better than what they did last year.

Nevers0ft1395d ago

Thumbs up, well said, +1 etc etc :D

I've been saying this all along. Nintendo isn't doing "less" at this years E3, they're actually doing more.

Considering the recent weird (and funny) Nintendo Directs and their efforts for this years E3, I think we're starting to see the effect of them bringing in Deutsch LA last year for marketing (the same company that used to handle some of Sony's marketing) and I think I like it :)

marloc_x1394d ago

Bubble up for me too, I am really looking forward to the Treehouse presentations!

AJBACK2FRAG1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

The least powerful and least expensive home video game console always, always, always wins it's respective generation. Market disruption. Lateral thinking with withered technology. The Nintendo Tree House. The Regginator. Satoru Iwata. Shigeru Miyamoto. Gumpei Yokoi. Retro Studios. Monolith soft. Ubisoft. The Game Cube. The Wii. Mario. Link. Samus. All of these things, people, companys and chracters and ideas have all come together right now to propel Nitendo and the Wii U truly into the eighth generation of video game home consoles. First.