ShockCast Ep. 172 – “Is E3 Still Relevant?”

DualShockers' Tony Polanco writes:

"Earlier this week, Nintendo announced that they wouldn’t be attending this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. This is the second year in a row that they’ve done this and it got me thinking about the Expo’s importance. Nintendo will now save money and better control their message with videos directed to their fans. Should the other companies follow suit or is E3 something that is still vital for them and the gaming industry as a whole?

We also discuss games that are universally praised but we weren’t exactly keen on and also discuss the future of Star Wars games and the franchise now that most of the stories of the expanded universe have been made non-canon."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

What kind of ridiculous question is that?
OF COURSE it's still relevant!
Just because the announcements for the games and systems are done differently sometimes, doesn't mean that the E3 show floor isn't booked for demos and advertisement galore by all the big names!
And if nothing else, the very concept of E3 itself, is an anchor for the industry.

When you hear E3, you think, "This is that time of year! This is when we KNOW the big names in gaming are going to be revealing their next exciting ideas for us to enjoy!"

It sets a solid place and time for these big-wigs of gaming to play their cards and give their fans something to smile about.

How could that possibly be irrelevant just because Nintendo has started to do it differently?

I'll tell all of you the truth of this, right here and now;
Even if ALL THREE of the big 3, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, decided to fore-go press conferences and stick to streaming their announcements, E3 WOULD STILL BE RELEVANT TO GAMERS AND COMPANIES ALIKE.
The show floor would still have their wares for the press to browse and try out, and the name of E3 would still be indicative of that one special time of year.

The time when gamers gather to hear about the future of the hobby they love.

Fanboyssuck271514d ago

Your on fire today lol. But I agree with everything u said, ur one of the few people on this site who talks sense. We have too many foxtrots, pcz and lol wuts on n4g who have a personal vendetta against Nintendo.

cervantes991513d ago

Well said my fellow gamer! I agree 100%.

E3 is the Gamer Super Bowl.

Testfire1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

E3 to me is something that's essential for the industry. At a time of year (summer) where usually no great games release its a way for the industry to say, "hey, we know you may not have much to play right now, but look what you can look forward to in a few months! So stick with us, loyal gamers, we got your back and that console you bought will be worth it!"

It's really about the gamers, it's a stage where MS, Sony and Nintendo could show us why our console purchases were justified, or where they can show us why we should buy their new system. This E3 is really important imo, as the new consoles just released, but the libraries aren't that big yet. They still need to convince many as to why we should buy a next gen console this year.

3-4-51513d ago

E3 Matters, but with how fast info spreads online, plus the amount of people covering it, makes it so you don't even have to watch any of it live.

You can jump online 2-3 hours after the fact and have nice little Video snippets of everything that happened.

* How many of you Nintend/Sony/Microsoft fans are actually going to E3 ?

So where will you get your video game news then ?

Answer = Internet

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gameDevWannaBe1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

with or without ninty yes.


If ur a wiiU only gamer then no. And that's a sad thing.

Dat uncharted gameplay, witcher 3 and maybe star wars gameplay & when Cyberpunk 2077 comes! Good to own a multi-plat supported console and have more than just a youtube video presentation to get excited about.

If you don't care about any of that and only want mario kart 8 in the near future then your in good luck as a wiiU gamer!

If your not talking about ninty then the question in the title a irrelevant.

lonelyplayer1513d ago

of course e3 is relevant... nintendo is making a big mistake here

Ittoryu1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

For the last two years someone has written an article like this because NINTENDO of all people aren't holding a press conference. The article should be titled is Nintendo still relavent.E3 is once again the biggest event in gaming all year just as it was before the 2000 slim down. Just because Nintendo has chosen (wrongly I believe) to not show case their stuff against the competition and instead choose to play at home doesn't mean E3 is any less relavent.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1513d ago

I get hyped every year for it so it must be. Last year was the best on years.

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